Worth a Share – I love Cheerios and the Best Music Video From a Band You’ve Never Heard Of

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    I love one of the latest videos from General Mills and it's "The Cheerios Effect" series.  Remember the huge uncalled for controversy over their Cheerios commercial starring a multi-racial family? Well, they haven't backed down for a second, and continue to produce content celebrating today's "many kinds of families".  This latest video is the story of little Raphaelle and her two dads. Warning: you may get teary-eyed. It's for heart-clutching, not pearl-clutching. This next video is probably one of the best music videos you've seen from a band you've never heard of.  It's from Brunettes Shoot Blondes, and the song is called Knock Knock. The animation is done on 14 different screens and shot in real time. … [Continue reading...]

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Talking About Maternal Health and Merck for Mothers

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  I have recently returned from San Jose where I attended the BlogHer annual conference and a special event hosted by Merck for Mothers.  Merck for … [Continue reading...]