The Not So Curious Case of Renee Zellweger

Screen Shot - The Telegraph

  Famous actress Renee Zellweger attended the Elle Women in Hollywood awards on Monday, October 20th. After she attended, the Internet exploded because OMG SHE LOOKED DIFFERENT. Many people are speculating that she's had some botox and cosmetic surgery done. Several online magazines have called in their Hollywood plastic surgeon "experts" to dissect her pictures and write about what she may or may not have had done to her face. The comparisons to Meg Ryan and Jennifer Grey have been numerous. People are certainly allowed to notice when someone dramatically changes their look. We have eyes. We are allowed to use them... But when you run into an old acquaintance who has aged quite a bit but has super plump cheekbones … [Continue reading...]

Worth a Share – I love Cheerios and the Best Music Video From a Band You’ve Never Heard Of

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    I love one of the latest videos from General Mills and it's "The Cheerios Effect" series.  Remember the huge uncalled for … [Continue reading...]

Five Vloggers Walk Into a Hotel Room


  This post is purely for your entertainment. Five vloggers walk into a hotel room... with a video camera and no … [Continue reading...]

You Should’ve Known Better


    Dear people of the entire world, If you're a woman, please don't take private nude photos of yourself and store them in … [Continue reading...]

#Blogust – Firsts and Dandelions


  Since I became a mother six years ago, the meaning of life's "firsts" have become weightier and almost sacred.  The first baby giggle, first … [Continue reading...]