Celebrities have ended their digital lives. Okay.




What is it?  It’s a campaign on behalf of a charity started by Alicia Keys called Keep A Child Alive.  Some heavy hitter celebrities ended their digital lives this past Tuesday (World AIDS Day).  This means they’ve signed off of social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter, and will not sign on again until the charity raises one million dollars.


I’m perplexed.

Hot Nerd’s reaction was “Could they do any less“?

And I think I’m so confused by this because, although the idea intrigues me, what Hot Nerd said rang true to me.  So… they’re just not going to tweet, until us- the poor fans, come up with a million dollars?

So we can once again read tweets like:

“What up, Miami?”

“Thrilled for my new movie to open next week.”

“Catch me on Jay Leno tonight.”

I thought surely there must be more to this.

So, I checked it out.

I am severely disappointed.

You can view the “Last Tweet and Testament” of the celebs here:


They are all the same… as if reading from a 45 second script.  You choose who you want to bring back to digital life by texting their name to a specific number.

I believe the cause is an important one, and I should applaud anyone who attempts, with a  good heart, to raise funds for a cause so worthy.

It’s an interesting idea.  It also says something about our society and how ensconced we are in the arms of social media.

But here is what I really have to say:

Donate because it’s a good cause. Don’t donate because you can’t live without your 140 character update from your favorite star. Because you know what… you can.

I watched some of the “Last Tweet and Testaments”, waiting, just waiting for one of the celebrities to say that they would match, or even give a percentage of what their fans give in their name.

The campaign is supposed to “put the disease in perspective”.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out- or if the only thing it puts in perspective, is how overexposed we are to our present day celebrities, and how much quieter life can be without that exposure.

** You can also choose to end your own digital life on the website.  I will not be doing that.

Your welcome.

Plus, Hot Nerd would surely wage a campaign to keep me “digitally dead”.

8 responses to “Celebrities have ended their digital lives. Okay.”

  1. Crystal says:

    WTH??! I’m w/hot nerd- could they do any less? My hubby and I talk all the time about how celebs encourage their fans to give to “their cause”…I want to know what they themselves are doing. I actually get kinda riled up about this….I mean, do you know what the richest people in America could do for our world?? But, it’s usually Jo-blow who has $0 who reaches out a hand to make a difference.
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  2. beforethebabywakes says:

    those kardashian tranny's were on the view the other day and mentioned this and i was like "thats how you're going to participate in world aids day" the least they could do is just bore us with there self whoring tweets and just stroke a check.
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  3. The Sweetest says:

    Couldn’t all the celebs just pitch in some money and come up with the mil themselves? They do have more money, after all.

  4. Laura says:

    I'll admit I'm kind of conflicted. I couldn't agree more with what you said — where's the matching donation? Where's the effort?

    At the same time, I'm in favor of anything that bring attention and donations to a cause like this, one I consider very important.

    I don't even follow any celebrities on Twitter and my day doesn't change regardless of whether Kim Kardashian is tweeting away, talking about her nail color or offending breastfeeding moms. But I would have typed out the stupid text and made the ten dollar donation if the cell phone bill were in my name. (Long story.) Because sometimes, all it takes is awareness and a reminder. And seriously, I was reminded of this all over my news home page and Facebook and Twitter, even though I don't follow celebrities on Twitter.

    And while I completely agree with your point, I think someone else said something to the effect that the celebrities should have just donated themselves. Well, they *should* donate…ALSO. And more than me, because they can afford more. A lot more. But we should all support the causes that matter to us, if we can. Maybe for some people, causes aren't important but the damn tweets are. For them, I can say that at least maybe they'll do something, even if it's just ten bucks so they don't miss any Kardashian brilliance. But for others like me, this was just another way to remind us to do it.

    (I should also note that without knowing how much any of the celebrities who participated donate *in general* or to what charities, it's hard for me to judge. OH MY GAWD. Did I just say it's hard for me to judge celebrities? For the love, that's one of my skills. I obviously need to go have a glass or three of wine.)
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  5. Michelle says:

    Yeah… I don’t know what to think of this, either. I like the idea of raising awareness, but I feel like what the stars are really trying to say is, “Prove how much you love and miss hearing the updates on my glamorous life.”
    Plus, your right- the videos they made were all the same- not original, and NO HEART.

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