Going to BlogHer’14?


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This post is for my fellow bloggers, and specifically the ones I may be seeing in San Jose in a couple weeks.

Are you going to the annual BlogHer conference?

Are you a first -timer?

Are you anxious?

Are you excited?

I’ll be there, and would love to meet/see/hug you.  I’ll be speaking on a panel Friday morning in The Visual Web track about easy tools and strategies to get started in video. If you’re a blogger, and thinking about expanding your storytelling and presence to video, this is a panel for you.

I’ll also definitely be at the Voices of the Year keynote because I never miss it.

Let’s go to a conference!

I’ve made a tiny video playlist for you that covers the topics of what to pack, how I felt after speaking for the first time last year, and how to look cool at a conference.


*The first video was made for my old YouTube channel and for BlogHer’13 (hence the bad lighting), but it still applies to pretty much every conference I go to.





7 responses to “Going to BlogHer’14?”

  1. I loved the floss bit.

    Your session was one of my favorites last year, and I should I encounter you at the conference this summer, I’ll try to lean in some carefully calculated yet stunningly carefree way.

  2. Trudy says:

    Helpful video..looking forward to meeting you!

  3. Roxanne says:

    See you in two weeks!

  4. Sunny Chanel says:

    Yup! I’ll be there! Excited!!!!

  5. Such a fun video! See you at BlogHer ’14!

  6. Love it! This one definitely made me laugh out loud.

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