Now If I Suddenly Disappear You’ll Know Why

  This could be considered evidence. If you don’t hear from me in a couple weeks, call the authorities.        

I Hate It When She’s Right.

  A lot of times, by the end of the day, I am just so tired of my kids. Really?  They’re still so little and cute.  Neither of them are over five… I mean, don’t get tired of them yet – they’ll be around for a long time.  Besides, you […]

Lipstick Days.

  I found it rolling around in my makeup drawer, clearly forgotten – at least two years old.  I turned it over and read the label at the bottom.  “Smitten” was the color. I don’t wear lipstick.  I never really have.  I could never handle the pressure of having to […]

Cloud Shapes In My Crapper.

  One of my favorite things to do is find cloud shapes. However, I don’t get out much… So I find them on my bathroom wall. Our bathroom has that plastered “hard trowel” look to it.  You know, like this:     On the rare occasion that I get to […]

The altered friendship. Also, weirdos are my muse.

Rocky swung open his front door and inhaled the warm smell of home.  He removed his blue aviator goggles from atop his head and tossed it onto the coat rack.  He loved this time – the time when the sun was kissing the horizon.  The world outside was quieting, and […]