Thirty Seconds Of Pure Annoyance

  Gently I try to coax you out Gently not so gently Because I can’t see past you Because I can’t speak or listen or focus on anything but you All encompassing you The slight stinging The teensy itching Because my conversation has turned to twitching Because you swallow an […]

Take it, snot rag.

  I’m going to start mainlining some immune system boosters because I don’t have time to be as sick as I am.  Hot Nerd is out of town on business for the next three days, my preschooler is making summer vacation his bitch, and our baby boy is recovering from […]

Preschool petri dish.

The little hand swipes across the nose. The nose is wet and red and caked. She giggles. The hand waves. The hand grabs. The hand cups her mouth as she whispers in his ear. He laughs.  She smiles. The hand “high fives”. The hand pats his back as they hug […]

Little Nubbin. (8 lines)

* A series of 8 line posts because of this one >> 8 mm  *****   Ten perfect fingers. Ten… toes. I caress you several times a day. Can I draw a little face on you please? Little nubbin… I’m starting to love you. Shoes are dumb anyway. I think […]

Dreaming. (8 lines)

* A Series of 8 line posts because of this one >> 8 mm. *****   Hot and heavy with my husband… The carnival hay is itchy. Then a thief out to mug me. I lift my shirt to expose my weapon… and squirt the robber in the eye with […]