I’m Speaking At Conferences, But Didn’t Tell You Because of the Thunder Stealing

  I forgot to officially tell you in this space that I will be speaking at Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta this coming May.  I’m thrilled.  Last year was my first time at the conference and it was amazing.     The topic I’ll be there to discuss this year […]

I Posted a #NoMakeupSelfie – Are You Aware of Cancer?

  I posted a picture of myself online without any make up on and without the use of any filter. Why did I do this?  I did it because it felt scary to me.  There was a nice little cluster of zits on my right cheek, my skin was especially […]

My Eyes Are Bleeding With the Raw Tenderness of it All

  I don’t visit enough personal blogs.  This year has been an exceedingly stressful one for me, and the blogging community has been so very supportive of me.  I honestly have been lacking in my reciprocation. I am making up for it now – sitting on the committee that reads […]

Took a Break to Remember

  “Sometimes I wish you would stop with all your blogging, and writing, and videos, so you could focus on your kids.  You’d be less stressed that way.” My mother said those words to me a couple months back… and I’m pretty sure I prickled and spat like a small […]

I Want You To Be Happy

  I’ve missed you. This space has been quite for over a week now. Don’t worry, I’ll have many thoughts and stories to share with you soon… But most of all, I just want you know how much I love having you guys visit.  You never know what you’re going […]