Merck for Mothers and What Motherhood Means to Me

“I split my pubic bone giving birth.” I have said that sentence many times because I think in some way I still can’t believe it actually happened to me… twice.  Was it unexpected?  The first time, yes.  Was it painful?  Incredibly.  Was it life threatening?  No. Giving birth for me […]

People of Facebook, Stop Sharing Stolen Content

  If you spend any amount of time on facebook, you’ve probably seen a slew of heartwarming, funny, or entertaining viral videos shared from the James Ellis facebook page.     This fitness trainer is seriously dominating the facebook feeds right now because of all the good video content he’s been […]

I Love Weird Al’s Big Dictionary

  I had a weird friend in college who was obsessed with “Weird Al” Yankovich.  This love for “Weird Al” rubbed off on me… mostly because he would take the CDs and rub them against my face… then hold up a poster, and rub it up and down along my […]

The Feminist “Bandwagon” in Advertising

  I’ve been hearing some complaints lately about a new swing in advertising – the swing toward female-focused, feminist, and female empowering messages in ads… Because, oh my word how distasteful.  We’re already hearing about gender equality endlessly on social media, now we have to be bombarded with it in […]

Sleep is a Ruse

    For a myriad of reasons, I have only been able to get about two or three hours of sleep a night for the past three weeks. Turns out I don’t really need it. Watch below. I don’t post all of my videos on this site, so if you want […]