Playground countdown.

5:30 pm

Parent chorus

“Casey, five more minutes!”

“Mikey, three more times on the swing.”

Flurry of feet

Sand tornadoes


“We’re going home in two minutes, Joshua!.”

“Two minutes, Casey.”

“One more time on the swing. Weeee!”

“Okay, you can go down the slide two more times.”

“One more minute.”

Jump, jump, jump

Run, run, run



“No more swing.”

“Say goodbye to your new friend.”

“One more time.”

“Once down the slide.”

“You have thirty seconds!”

“Grab your shovel.”

“Let’s get your ball.”






– You may now commence to self destruct.

It's all fun and games until someone says it's time to go home.

2 responses to “Playground countdown.”

  1. Sande says:

    Ohhh the “countdown”. I don’t miss those days. My son used to count with me! In Spanish! Smarty pants!

  2. Lani says:

    “say goodbye to your new friend” is my favorite ~ i love how you pulled these playground quotes out 😀 it’s a sandbox world ain’t it?

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