Thirty Seconds Of Pure Annoyance


Gently I try to coax you out

Gently not so gently

Because I can’t see past you

Because I can’t speak or listen or focus on anything but you

All encompassing you

The slight stinging

The teensy itching

Because my conversation has turned to twitching

Because you swallow an entire thirty seconds of my day

Thirty seconds of pure annoyance

Of prodding

Of rubbing

“Where are you? Where are you? Get out.”

Until with a blink you vanish

Gone into the crevasse of my lower lid

Where hundreds of lost eyelashes have gone to die.




3 responses to “Thirty Seconds Of Pure Annoyance”

  1. So well done! Seriously, nothing is more annoying!! Love it!-The Dose Girls

  2. Kelly says:

    Just what I needed to start my day…I hate when eyelashes are floating around!

  3. Yesterday, I had an involuntary eye-twitch as an eyelash was stuck in my eye. I seriously thought about gouging out my eye for just a few seconds…

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