8 Line Challenge – uphill.

It’s the 8th of the month, folks – so time to honor my split pubic bone with the 8 Line Challenge.

Our challengers today are Christine who writes over at Love, Life, Surf, and Julie who writes at Zero to 140.6.

Here’s some interesting stuff about them:

Christine was a vegetarian until she got pregnant with her second child.  Then all she wanted was bacon and fried chicken.  She’s allergic to lentils and chick peas, so it’s probably for the best that the whole vegetarian thing didn’t work out.  She’s also a smarty pants and got ridiculously high scores on her MCATs.  She probably could’ve been a doctor, but she didn’t want to.  So there.

Julie started blogging to chronicle her training for an Ironman triathlon (her lifelong dream).  Then, last year she actually did it, so now… she just writes to write.  She continuously puts challenges in front of herself, and if there were a quadrathalon I’m sure she would be training for it.

Their prompt was:  uphill.

Here’s what came out of their brains:



Tripod headstand
I’d mastered a new trick in yoga that morning: tripod headstand.
It takes a lot of shoulder and core strength to do it confidently in the center of the room.
So of course I showed everyone at my husband’s birthday party.
“Wow, you are amazing,” he said in a tone only I would understand as sarcasm.
“Wow,” my dad said. “Forty years old and still good at headstands.”
“Actually, I’m forty-one now,” I corrected, shoulders and core engaged.
“Yeah,” said my eleven-year-old. “When she was forty, she was still good at Ironmans.”
So now I don’t know if that’s progress or what.
Go visit her at Zero to 140.6.




when i look in front of me, i can’t see the horizon
just a long strip of concrete stretching out in front of me, edging up to the sky
one foot forward but the slippery strip pulls backwards like a moving walkway
goddamn it
i grit my teeth, pull and claw
muscles tense and ache and sweat pours down
at the top, hands and head to the ground, butt up in the air, back arch
tumble tumble head over heels
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Thanks for playing, ladies.
Look for two more challengers on the 16th and 24th of the month.


*You can read the original 8 line series here.

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  1. Marta says:

    I love having the two because they are so different! I like the choice of uphill for them =)

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