8 mm

Our son, “Meatball” was born a little over 8 pounds.

My vagina bears the badge of 8 stitches.

The separation between the two halves of my pubic bone is 8mm wide. That doesn’t sound like a lot to me, but the nurse said it was pretty substantial… and a bigger split than when I gave birth to my first son.

Between not being able to walk, nursing around the clock, and swallowing tons of drugs – I’m doubtful of my ability to write insanely funny, heart melting, or mind changing blog posts. Instead, I think you’ll be getting more of a sleep deprived Alice In Wonderland type deal.

In honor of my 8mm split, my posts over the next month will be only 8 lines (or sentences) long. I cannot guarantee that they will make sense… or that I will not forget how to count. I can only say that I love you all too much to leave you hanging.

PS- My apologies to those of you who thought this post would be about the movie, 8mm… or a camera.

PPS- The whole “8 lines” thing doesn’t apply to this particular post… clearly…

PPPS- I am still scarred from looking at my vagina with a mirror.

PPPS- I promise not to write anymore postscripts.

PPPPS- Except for this one – I just wanted to tell you that the Chinese believe the number 8 is lucky. So, there’s that.

Bye bye.

21 responses to “8 mm”

  1. YEOWCH! Hope you heal quickly and that you are just eating that baby up. FYI, you don’t need to post any words; just baby photos. That will suffice for at least the next 2 months. Trust me.

    Congrats and take care!

  2. Milaka says:

    Eight (additional) words: Ow. Ouch. Yow. Eeek. Wowza. Yikes. Woah.

  3. The Chinese DO love the number 8. Well, this Chinese girl does.

    I still can’t believe you looked at your vagina postpartum.

  4. If 8’s a lucky number maybe it’s a good thing you had an 8mm split. Can’t wait for the 8 line posts.

    You go, girl.

  5. Jen says:

    I look forward to all 8 sentences.

  6. Buck up Mama, a little drug induced/sleep deprived writing is just what the doctor ordered:) Besides 8 stitches is a substantial badge of honor, better than all those girl scout badges put together. Did I forget to tell you that with the second child comes the constant 6 degrees of separation way of thinking. I don’t think that it ever goes away but the fog does lift on occasion to allow for some clarity>Happy healing. XO

  7. Jules says:

    Yikes! Congrats on your little one though!

  8. I would have looked too.
    Congrats and hope you heal quickly! In the meantime, you may just have started a whole new blogging trend.

  9. Mama Bear says:

    On the bright side, just think of how utterly and completely you can embarrass Meatball when he starts to date by telling everyone about your vag-stitches and 8mm pubic gap.

  10. John says:

    I don’t have stitches in my penis, and I’m not on any drugs . . . and I still can’t ever count on myself to count to 8.

  11. Lucky #8…that’s gotta mean something, right? Looking forward to the 8 line posts.

  12. I believe if ever given the chance our vaginas would be best friends. I will take your 8 stitches and raise you 210 🙂 It’s almost been a year since I delivered my daughter and I still can’t look at my vagina without shuddering. It doesn’t look the same. She was 9 lbs 2 oz and blew me to bits. We couldn’t successfully have sex for 6 months. Therefore I believe you can appreciate this little diddy – its something I wrote a few months ago.

  13. p.s. how common is it for your pubic bone to actually split?

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      It is not very common to split the pubic bone giving birth. My first was 9lbs 6 ounces and that’s when it first split. I pushed for almost two hours and he got stuck. They vacuumed him out, but not before the damage was done. Owie.

      • Oh my goodness. So you had 2 vaginal deliveries and it split with both? How come they didn’t advise a c-section, or was it your choice to go vaginal? Wow. Just wow. I mean W.O.W.

  14. Love it – the post, that is. Dislike – the 8mm ouch. And if 8 is a lucky number, may it speed your healing, help your Meatball sleep through the night sooner than later, and keep your sanity through it all. :>

  15. The word around the maternity ward when I was discharged was that I was “the one with more stitches than a c-section.”

    But I didn’t break any bones. So you are my hero. I don’t know how you do it.

    Next 8 line post should be about how to cope w/ colicky baby. Please?

  16. This idea is so great.

    I’ve gone back and read:

    they remind me why I love poetry.

    SO efficient.


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