Bad hair happens in the burbs.

A few months ago I decided to chop my long locks off and go for a short do.  I wanted something cool, a little edgy, and that looked like maybe I could be a Ninja on the side.  I knew my Los Angeles stylist would be able to handle it.


I went from this...


to this.


Then we moved out of Los Angeles to the burbs in Orange County.

I wanted to get my sassy cut freshened up, and without any friends to recommend a place, I did the ole’ online search and picked a place that looked like maybe they cut the hair of Ninjas.

I am sad to report that I ended up with what appears to me to be the dreaded  “mom bob”.


I don't know what to do with this.


I am presently off to film a PSA for the LA County Dept Of Maternal Mental Health.  That means this hair will be forever immortalized on film.

So, I’m going to lace up my sneakers, hop into my minivan, and make my way to the set.

The suburbs are trying to absorb me, you guys.

I think it’s winning.


11 responses to “Bad hair happens in the burbs.”

  1. Silly girl! I have a rock star hair woman in Costa Mesa. She works with a lot of bloggers. Check out She’s awesome!!

  2. Kat says:

    The faces you’re making in those pictures really just drives the point home. Well done. In fact, before I even read what you had to say about the third photo I was all “Oh it’s more mom looking…”


    I am so sorry.

    Perhaps some purple tints on the end could make you more ninja looking? A mom ninja? Actually I think you look beautiful in all three photos. A hair stylist is incapable of messing up that pretty mane.

  3. The Sweetest says:

    I drive from La Crescenta all the way to WEHO to get my haircut because I am too scared to try anybody else. I went through a lot of shitty haircuts before I found the girl who cuts my hair. Sorry you are not happy with yours- I know how that sucks.

  4. I think you’re still pretty hot!

    Don’t worry, it’d grow out. I had a dreadful in between hair do when I had my 1st baby in ’09. It was between a pixie cut and a mom bob. Now I’m all awesome. Ok it only took 3 years……

  5. Try and try and try:

    you can’t hide inner beauty.

    It somehow always has a way of shining through.

    In other words, you look beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see you in NYC, roomie!!

  6. John says:

    I’m a guy who just started taking a bic to his head because he was going crazy with scalpne & a receding hairline, and I fear the decision I made is permanent. It’s just too each to never have to worry, at all, about what to do with my hair.

    And, ever since I’ve been reading you, I’ve suspected you were a side ninja.

  7. I want to see the PSA! But in other news, maybe you could take a drive back to L.A. to your old stylist? Is it crazy far?

  8. Marta says:

    I wonder what you’d fine if you googled ninja salon. I mean they have to have them, even in the OC.

  9. Paul Jasper says:

    You’re still rocking that bob cut hun. Don’t worry too much, it perfectly suits you. Cheer up!

  10. Alexandria says:

    Why didn’t you just call one of the Real Housewives? Duh!

  11. HapaMama says:

    If I could look that cute with a mom-bob, I’d get one too.

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