BlogHer’13 and Other Ways You Guys Are In Charge Of My Life


I’m not letting Jesus take the wheel, but I’m pretty sure I gave it to you guys at some point without knowing.

People post inspirational quotes on Facebook all the time.  Most of the time I read them, nod a silent ‘that’s true’ and move on.

For some reason, though, on one particular day…

it was that pretty picture with sunbursts…

and written over the orange glares were the words,


At that particular second, the baby must have been napping, I must have had enough coffee, and the stars must have aligned because I thought to myself:

Holy crap…

You’re so right…

Okay.  Okay, I will.

So a couple days later I submitted a “Room of Your Own” idea for the BlogHer’13 conference in Chicago.  Basically it’s a way to let the community fill in the gaps of the main conference programming. I put myself and my ideas out there.

Thank you for posting those sunbursts.

Then I decided to go to the Mom 2.0 conference.  Then one of you there said I should pitch myself to HLN’s Raising America in their  “Shark Tank” to be on the show.  For some reason I listened to you, and at the spur of the moment pitched a topic and got green lights across the board.  The producers have contacted me to be on the show later this year.

Thank you for telling me to do that.

Six weeks ago my youngest was put in a half-body cast.  The amount of care he needed, and the amount of stress in the house kept me spinning in a sleep deprived haze.  All other responsibilities fell to the wayside…

until one of your facebook statues read,

Just registered my last kid for Kindergarten (tears). Have you been where I am before?

I thought to myself:

Shit!  No I haven’t, but I should.

I called the school that day and just barely made the cutoff date for Kindergarten registration.

Thank you for making sure my kid can go to school.

Then I submitted a couple of my blog posts to be considered for BlogHer’13 Voices of the Year.  I was chosen for the keynote in 2011, so I knew that was out of the question again… but one can be honored as a Voice of the Year many years in a row without presenting at the keynote.

The posts I submitted were not chosen.  But since you guys know better, one of you named Katie Sluiter nominated a post of mine that I had almost forgotten I had written.  This post is the one that was chosen to be honored in the op-ed category.

I’m a Voice of the Year.  Well, whaddya know.

Thank you for nominating me.  Thank you for choosing me.

Then I didn’t know what to get my son’s preschool teacher for the last day of school.  You told me on Twitter that I should go with Starbucks gift cards, so I did.

Thank you for making sure I participated in appropriate end-of-school-year gift giving…

Oh yeah – The “Room of Your Own” idea I submitted wasn’t chosen…

because someone out there decided it would be better for me to be a main conference speaker instead…

at biggest blogging conference in the country…

with keynote speakers like:

Guy Kawasaki,

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg,

The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond,

and the writer/producer of The Terminator movies, producer of Aliens, and now The Walking Dead on AMC – Gale Anne Hurd.


You guys are clearly steering me in the right direction.

My panel is part of the main conference programming and it’s called, Anatomy of a Story.

I can’t wait.

I just have to figure out what to say…

and what to wear.

I’m not worried.

I’m sure you guys will figure out something.


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11 responses to “BlogHer’13 and Other Ways You Guys Are In Charge Of My Life”

  1. Alison says:

    Congrats on VOTY, so well deserved!
    Also, all the other good stuff?
    Totally well deserved too.
    Go, you!

  2. So incredibly awesome. Love seeing all this for you!

  3. trina says:

    Congrats hon! And huge congrats for listening to the universe and taking advantage of all the great things coming your way! I hope you have a great time/talk!

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations!! Much deserved. :0

  5. Arnebya says:

    It is an amazing feeling, huh? To know that your community has your back? To know that there are people out there able and willing to help us when we need it? There is this whole world of people on different continents even, who care about us, who want us to succeed, who think we are worthy and gifted and deserving. I’m here to tell you I’m one of those people who is glad to lift you up, propel you forward, give you things to consider and suggest ways for you to be more awesome because you can and should. I am so proud of you for all of these accomplishments and those that I know are coming. I can’t wait to meet you in person in fewer than three weeks.

  6. Glad so many things are going your way. Can’t wait to see you at BlogHer! Maybe it’s contagious.

  7. I love how you’ve written this and I hope I get to meet you at BlogHer. It’s my first BlogHer and also my first VOTY honour and I couldn’t be more humbled. This blogging experience has been eye-opening in its absolute oppositeness to the business world. I am staggered by the unconditional support offered by other women across the world, who don’t hesitate to lift others up.

    Congratulations on an award that is undeniably well-deserved.

    BlogHer ’13 will, without doubt, be worth the 40 hours and three flights it will take me to get there from Downunda 🙂

  8. Marta says:

    New life motto: I’m not doing anything unless the Internet tells me to. Clearly it has been going so well for you. So sad to not be hearing you in Chicago though I will BE in Chicago. Congrats! You deserve it!

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