BlogHer’13 – I Can’t Quit You


This is me the day after the BlogHer’13 conference ended in Chicago.




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  1. I’m the girl who offered up the Skittles in your session, and who also told you I loved your last video as we were riding on opposite escalators. 🙂 Your session was great. Can’t wait to keep telling my story, but with some of your process woven into it. Thank you.

  2. Alexandra says:

    It is ALWAYS so good to see you. I’m so happy I am lucky enough to run into you and you, seeing you, is always the sweetest moment for me. You hold a special place in my heart…. and that is what makes blogher so great. ALL my favorites, that I get to see, in one place, like you and beautiful Deb Cruz.

  3. Alison says:

    Meeting you is on my blogging bucket list!

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      Alison, one of these days you’re gonna get your butt across the ocean and to a freaking blogging conference that I’m also at! That’s an order.

  4. I love you so much. So amazing catching up with you. xo

  5. You’re very welcome for me being…alive. I quite like it myself!

    I’m glad I got to run into you in the hall outside of CheeseburgHer. It was the 11th hour, the wrap up, the last hurrah, but I did find you and Deb Cruz and Lizz. And when we chatted, your first instinct was to be a mentor, so I just want to reiterate that think you’d make a great BlogHer ’14 mentor if that interests you. 🙂

  6. Katie says:

    I loved meeting you. LOVED it. You were lovely and gracious and it just made me happy.

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      Loved meeting you too… and I can’t thank you enough for submitting my OpEd post for VOTY. You’re a good one, Katie… a real good one.

  7. Susan says:

    it was so lovelyto meet you at queerosphere — I wish my panel haven’t overlapped with yours! good luck with peeling off that badge.

  8. Jackie says:

    Yay! I got to meet you!

    Being brave was a big part of the conference for so many of us! I came to Chicago alone, shared a room with someone that I only knew online (but she is awesome!), and did my best to get past my introvertedness.

    I’m looking forward to next year too.

    Oh… my badge is in my purse with me.

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      I know that feeling! My first BlogHer – I spent a lot of time hiding in my hotel room, and I’m sure if it weren’t for presenting at VOTY, people would’ve thought I was mute.

  9. Debi says:

    I love you Jenni! And I am having serious Jenni Chiu withdrawal and my badge is in my purse and I touch it every so often like my new favorite lovey. I came back with a demon cold from BlogHer but I wouldn’t trade it for all the hugs and kisses I was passing out and receiving. You know, meeting you and rooming with you, was by far my highlight. That first night, waking out of my sleep and getting a real hug from someone who I have considered a great friend for years, was amazing. Just hoping I didn’t talk you to death or keep you awake too much! XOXO

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      OMG – I think I also am getting a demon cold. Guess we shouldn’t have done all that making out. XOXO

      • Debi says:

        Or maybe more sleeping and less running until wee hours of the night but damn, meeting all the amazing people was so worth the price of not being able to breathe today. OH no! I hope you didn’t catch the demon cold from me. I blame the taxi cab drivers:)LOL

        • I am feeling the lack of hugging today. The make up hugging after screaming at my 11 yr old was not quite the same. Also, Debi please tell Jenni you will kick her ass if she is not my friend. In other news, I am changing my name to Nicci …

  10. You are a favorite of mine, Jenni Chiu.

  11. Tricia O. says:

    Confession: You were one of the people I wanted to meet. Other confession: I’m still wearing my badge. Everyone at camp drop off and Target looked at me really weird this morning, but that’s also because I was nekkid aside from my badge.

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      People are weird about nudity. Perhaps try the lanyard as a belt… then the badge would dangle nicely in front of your pubic area like a fig leaf.

  12. Amanda says:

    Beautiful. Love this, maybe in ’14 I’ll meet you 🙂

  13. Vikki says:

    Loved meeting you and hanging out with you and paneling with you!

  14. I’m inspired, and I wasn’t even there! Next year!

  15. Shannon says:

    That was fabulous. I feel the same way about all of the people, including you. I loved your storytelling panel. I find so much value in hearing the creative process of others. Already looking forward to BlogHer 2014!

  16. Jennifer says:

    You are awesome and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in real life, even if all our meetings were very fast!

  17. “Thank you for being alive!” I love you! I’m sending you the meditation!

  18. Sarah says:

    I love this! I felt the same way after leaving the conference… my badge is hanging in my kitchen! I also found it so inspiring to be around the amazing women who share the same passion for writing, women who are so brave… you totally summed it up! 🙂

  19. anymommy says:

    It makes me happy just to know you’re in the same room. So glad we got to say hi in person again.

  20. I LOVED your session – the whole panel was fabulous and it was one of the very best I attended while I was at BlogHer. I think you are my new blog-crush – I loooove your videos!

  21. Yay! Jenni Chiu… Great summing up of ?#?blogher13? from a friend I knew BC… before children and ((GASP)) even BB… BEFORE BLOGS…. somewhere around 1995 in fact. So happy to see you thrive and grow in the blogger community, take a leadership role as a speaker, and inspire so many. You may be younger than me, but I still kinda wanna be you when I grow up :). Hugs and hope we can hang longer next time either of us visits each other’s city. It was a whirlwind week for sure.

  22. JenKehl says:

    I was in your session and was SO INSPIRED by you! So much so that I came right home to check out your blog and find examples of what you were talking about. So inspired that I used your dialogue ideas (I asked about how to write dialogue) in my first post – post blogher. AND I did not know about all of your funny videos! You rock! It’s also nice to know it’s hard for the amazing presenters to be social too 🙂

  23. What, we’re supposed to stop wearing our badges?! You can pry mine from my cold dead hands.

    It was great seeing you again. You were one of the first kind people to me at my very first BlogHer in San Diego in 2011, so I have a special place in my heart for seeing you at BlogHer and remembering my first time.

  24. Now I’m jealous, because I totally didn’t get plates. Oh well, there’s always BlogHer ’14. I don’t think 3 weeks is too long to wear the badge.

  25. Kathy says:

    Love this! What a fun, funny, cute and inspiring video! I know we didn’t actually meet in person at BlogHer`13, but I am grateful for having been in your awesome session. You are right, you and your fellow panel members said so many things that so many of us in the audience, wanted and needed to hear. So thank you for that. This is my first visit to your blog and I look forward to returning, as well as hopefully seeing you next year at BlogHer`14. Also, thank you for stopping by my blog, watching my BlogHer`13 photo montage/video and commenting! 🙂

  26. Now I wish I’d met you in person!

  27. Okay, seriously? Could you be any MORE adorable? This is how it’s done. No wonder you are such a superstar. Great to meet you in person finally. I really loved your session and all the tips you gave on using dialogue. Definitely need to do more of that! See you next year!

  28. Awesome! Can’t wait to rock our ’14 badges next year!

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