Cloud Shapes In My Crapper.


One of my favorite things to do is find cloud shapes.

However, I don’t get out much…

So I find them on my bathroom wall.

Our bathroom has that plastered “hard trowel” look to it.  You know, like this:



On the rare occasion that I get to sit on the crapper alone without interruption, I like to find ways to decompress.

Sometimes when I’m decompressing, I see fun things.


Like Casper…


or a dog…


Even Daffy Duck running away.


Cruella DeVille hangs out in my bathroom…


and seahorses.


The Twitter Fail Whale lives there too…


and – oh come on, like you don’t see it.


It’s fun the way my brain takes a vacation sometimes.

Like you’ve never taken pictures when you’re sitting on the toilet.


PS –  I’d like to thank stress, bad plaster work, and my experimentation with drugs in college for this post.





  1. I saw Daffy there too!!
    Alison recently posted..A Force of His Own

  2. Corrbette says:

    I’ve been doing that in wall patterns, trees, tiles, and clouds since I was a kid. I saw everything you did. We might both be wackjobs, but I feel better.

  3. jeann says:

    I see all these things time to time when I spend longer time in my bathroom, thought I’m the only =)

  4. Wait. Is it splooging or is that just me?…

  5. I totally could see some of them… Cruella DeVille I’m not so certain about. Daffy? DEFINITELY.
    Marta recently posted..What I’m Not Telling You: Part III

  6. Not only do I see the phallus in the last shot, but I know realize I’m actively looking for phallii in the plasterwork in the conference room in which I’m sitting.
    John recently posted..Where I reflect a bit after my vacation

  7. Brian says:

    When I stare at the carpet, it seems to move around as if it were alive.

    Wait. We’re not really talking about that, are we?

  8. I’m glad we don’t have plaster walls. My husband thinks I spend enough time in the bathroom already.
    Stacey recently posted..My Brief Career As a Pole Dancer

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