This Daylight Saving Movie Trailer is My Life


Worth a share



“Daylight Saving is an imaginary construct!!”

This viral video is definitely worth a share. All my life I have been rattled by the population’s agreement to just CHANGE TIME. I grew up in Hawaii where we let nature rule the skies, and time was just time.

Then, I went to college in Pennsylvania and was forced to participate in the mass conspiracy to manipulate a force greater than ourselves. I never understood it. It is inherently bizarre.

Apparently, my children feel the same way because even though it’s been almost a week, I have a little one up at 5 am instead of 6, and another child playing outside in pitch black at 6 pm.  My phone changes automatically but NOTHING ELSE DOES and it’s like the world is gas-lighting me!

Please watch and enjoy the brilliant video below:



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  1. Angela says:

    Jenny, I feel the EXACT same way! It doesn’t serve a purpose and it causes so much more stress than is necessary. We PLAN AROUND this useless event. I was thinking that somebody needs to invent a gadget that will make ALL our clocks automatically set themselves OR we need to abolish the thing altogether. Thanks for sharing this.

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