Dear 2009,

Dear 2009,

It seems weird to do this in a letter, but I can’t think of any other way to do it.  I need to tell you that it is over between us.  I think it has been over for a very long time. I was trying to stick it out, I don’t know why- maybe just to prove that I could. But all that did was bring me more pain and sorrow.

I’m done.

I don’t want to be “friends”. I don’t want to pretend to care about how you are doing. I honestly, just want you to go away. It may sound harsh- but I think it’s best if we just sever all ties, and go our separate ways.

In truth, you were an ass.

Don’t even pretend to be bewildered. I can just see you now, feigning astonishment as you read this. “Where is this coming from?”  “What did I do to deserve this?”

Yes, I’m not gonna lie- there were some good times, but the bad now seems to outweigh the good. I’m moving on, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I had such high hopes for us in the begining. You swore President Obama into office to woo me, and it worked- I fell head over heels.
But then after a few months, things went sour. I felt like I didn’t know you anymore.  You were no longer the year I fell in love with. You seemed cruel, and without any cause.

In June, you almost paralyzed my dog.
My beautiful, little pup!

Thank goodness Hot Nerd and I paid thousands of dollars (that we did not have) to get her emergency spinal surgery. And thank goodness after that, and all the physical therapy I gave her, she was able to walk again. But she never did anything to you. And for that- you suck.

I should’ve known it would only get worse.

At the end of that very month, you really tried to squash my spirit. I suppose you wanted to strike in a way that was not overtly personal, but would still wound me.

You were clever.

You were ruthless.

You started killing my childhood.

On June 25th, you took both Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett from the world. I admired Farrah as a little girl, and then years later as a woman, I was inspired by her fight to live life in spite of cancer.  Michael made me feel cool during so many adolescent, dark times, and was by far, one of the world’s greatest entertainers. I hated you for that.

You were so tricky, because just weeks later you made me BlogHer of the Week. Was that an apology? A smokescreen? A trick, to make me feel special and loved?

Just a month later you took the life of John Hughes (August 6th). His movies were stamped all over my teenage brain. He represents my angst and my innocence all in one.

How could you do that?

From then on, you became relentless…

And I know you remember this…

Hannah Montana- the movie.

No, don’t even bother trying to explain.

After that, you must have been a little drunk with power.  You thought it would be fun to burn over 160,557 acres of the Angeles National Forest. Is it because you knew there was a beautiful place in those mountains that had once given me such hope? Did you have to use the Station Fires to turn that place into piles of ash?

You then broke me with BALLOON BOY.  As a mother, I watched in terror for hours as that hot air balloon raced across the sky. My heart broke into a million pieces, when it finally landed and there was no little boy inside. We all knew it was likely he fell out, and most certainly couldn’t have survived that kind of fall. I couldn’t even imagine what his parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene, must have been feeling. I was ill. I called Hot Nerd in tears.

“He’s not there. He’s not in there. I think he fell out! Oh my God, they lost their little boy…”

Then, you bitch slapped me, pointed, and laughed.

It was all a fucking lie.

On top of that, you then moved us into the worst apartment on the face of the planet. Complete with fake faucet handles, broken doors, rusty water, and no working heat. After a month without heat, my baby boy got sick, I got sick, and you struck down Hot Nerd with the h1n1 virus.

I don’t know how I handled it. The tragedies, the illnesses, even the little day to day jabs from you. Endless parking tickets, broken washing machines, Octomom on TV, crazy smoke detectors, noisy neighbors, Jon and Kate,  tonsil stones, and stupid health insurance companies.

I was lucky to find an outlet in my blog, and an online community as well. But you were jealous of that and lashed out at them. You wanted to hurt the community, and you did.

Anissa Mayhew and her family suffered at the hands of your severe stroke. She is awake now, but has a long journey ahead of her. And Shellie Ross did not deserve to lose her two year old little boy. Nor does she deserve the onslaught of online mothers, who are criticizing her- a bereft mother, for being online herself.

So just stop it, 2009.

You and I are done.

I actually made this decision a while ago, and just couldn’t put it into words.

You must have sensed it, because I think you tried to lash out one last time with the strange passing of actress Brittany Murphy on December 20th. And then on the 28th, with a not- so- quick trip to the ER for Hot Nerd, myself, and half-crazed toddler in tow.

It’s sick. It’s mean. And I’m done with it.

Yes, if you must know, there is someone else. Or, more accurately, the hope of someone else.

This someone is named 2010.

And although we haven’t officially met yet, I think things look very promising.

So don’t write.

Don’t call.

And don’t apologize, because I wouldn’t believe you anyway. You’ve lied too many times.

You may, however, feel free to kiss my swaying ass as I walk away.

A couple days from now you’ll probably find me dancing in the arms of 2010.

But don’t try to approach us,

or say hi,

or even wave from a distance.

Because I’ll just pretend I don’t know you.


Something better.

Something better.

6 responses to “Dear 2009,”

  1. MamaBear says:

    OH. MY. GOD. You're not going to believe this…. but 2009 treated me the same way! Dead celebs, constant sickness, broken stuff in the house, unbelievable stress. So not worth it. I deserve more. You deserve more. We deserve more. I say we ALL get together and kick its sorry butt on out the door.
    My recent post Stick Your Positive Thinking Where the Sun Don't Shine

  2. V.W. says:

    I am continually awed by your eloquence and brilliance.

  3. Misseyme says:

    I am with you my Hawaiian sister! 2009 was one deceptive year. Promising so much and temping with that "It's ok…for a minute" comfort, just to pull the rug away and point and laugh. If I had a paper 2009 calendar, I would burn it at the stroke of midnight, east coast time.

    Well put!

  4. 2009 and I had a good time together, but that's because I got a baby outta the deal. Other than that I had to break up with PPD and that totally sucked.

    This letter also had me wet my pants, I'll you decide how I meant that.
    My recent post D-man’s New Year’s Wish List

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