A Different Kind of “Bringing Home Baby” Book


My firstborn came into the world after 17 hours of labor. He weighed over 9 pounds.  My second son was born naturally at 39 weeks and after 6 hours of labor. He was well over 8 lbs.

We fought through jaundice and colic with both babies… my second son had severe reflux and had to sleep sitting up for the first few months of his life.  Both boys cried endlessly for the first four months… but we fought our way through… and we did it at home – in their cute nurseries, and with the familiar smells  of our house around us.  Although I had some medical issues to deal with myself, both boys came home with us just a few days after being born… and after the colic passed, they became healthy and strong baby boys.

There are so many families out there who aren’t as lucky… so many babies who arrive before they’re ready.  There are mothers who instead of snuggling with their newborns in their beds, spend countless hours with their hands pressed against incubators… who learn to sleep sitting up, with the sounds of heart monitors and respirators as their metronome.

My fellow blogger, Jessica Watson is one of those mothers – her triplets were born three months early.  One of her daughters passed away during her first week of life, and the other babies fought a long three month battle in the NICU for their lives. I read her beautiful writing often over at Four Plus an Angel.

When their babies were born, they were given the typical dreamy books about holding your baby for the first time and then bringing them home from the hospital.  They were books she could never really read to her children.

She is now taking steps to self publish her first children’s book – to better explain to preemies their “special arrival”.

I’d like to share with you her Kickstarter page where she is raising funds to make this book a reality.

 I put the story of having a preemie and being a preemie into a children’s book that parents of preemies could read to their children. In words a little one can understand, “Soon” tells the story of a baby born too soon and a baby who will come home…



photo courtesy of Jessica Watson

photo courtesy of Jessica Watson


Jessica wants to be able to donate the book to parents and NICUs everywhere, so she is self-publishing.
Support her if you can.
Share her fundraising page if you can.
Jessica is one of those writers who writes with such tender honesty and hope.
I’d love to see this book made.


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  1. Jessica says:

    Overwhelmed by your kindness. Thank you even though that isn’t close to enough.

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