Experienced Any Side Effects of Motherhood?


It’s time for episode number 2 in the Side Effects of Motherhood series over on NickMom.com!

SEOM image



In case you didn’t read the last post I wrote about it, Side Effects of Motherhood is a new super short video series I’m doing over at NickMom.com. We’re talking 45 sec. to a minute’s worth of video each time… because you’ve got stuff to do, but also need a little smile, commiseration, and maybe a “me too” in regards to this whole parenting thing.

Please feel free to share with me in the comments any of your “side effects”. I wanna know!

You can watch the second episode below:


and if you feel like another little chuckle, I’ve got some outtakes for you below.

Of course you can also watch the outtakes first, try to guess what the episode is about, and then watch the actual video…

because if I know my audience well, most of you aren’t into the whole “normal” or “linear” way of doing things.

I thank you for watching and sharing either way, it means the world to me.

I probably love you all a little more than is appropriate.



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