My Eyes Are Bleeding With the Raw Tenderness of it All


I don’t visit enough personal blogs.  This year has been an exceedingly stressful one for me, and the blogging community has been so very supportive of me.  I honestly have been lacking in my reciprocation.

I am making up for it now – sitting on the committee that reads and scores blog posts for BlogHer 2014’s Voices of the Year.  Over the next two weeks, I will be reading and scoring not 20, not 50, not 100, but almost 150 posts from my fellow bloggers.  That’s just my small chunk of it – there were several thousands of submissions total…

and I have to tell you that I have the best category – heart.

I couldn’t be more grateful, because a few days ago George Zimmerman was signing autographs at a gun show…

Just today a Minnesota State Representative sent a ridiculously racist tweet…

Pat Garofalo's racist tweet


and for some reason when a mother on heroin starts to “nod out” on a public bus with her young daughter, NO ONE ends up calling 911.  The only thing people think to do is film it and put it on YouTube.

So, just when the world is confusing me again with it’s hate and detachment, a time-consuming savior called Voices of the Year Submissions comes sailing into my life and reminds me that people are human.

Personal bloggers can be the mirror and the shapers of our world.  The category that I’m judging is full of pain, joy, giggles, hope, and even helplessness.  That people are vulnerable and brave enough to put this into words and toss it out into the world gives me hope for our human sides.

Sure, reading all these posts takes up an insane amount of my time…

Sure, I’m smiling while my eyes are bleeding with some of the raw tenderness of it all…

But people do care.

People help others.

People also hurt others, and those that were hurt struggle through it, heal, and make a difference.

The news makes me anxious about our society…

But the blogs…

the blogs make me grateful for our humanity.



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15 responses to “My Eyes Are Bleeding With the Raw Tenderness of it All”

  1. This is beautiful Jenni, and explains why VOTY is the “most wonderful time of the year” for me 🙂 Thank you for your efforts to help us get there!!

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      Thank YOU… for you know, starting an amazing company/community, honoring the words of writers, being pretty awesome… and about five thousand other things.

  2. I was just out to lunch over the weekend with some friends, and we were discussing mental health care in the U.S. I brought up one of the VOTY’s from last year, and sent them the link after lunch. Still thinking about it some nine months later. It’s that amazing.

  3. It’s true, reading personal blogs makes you love humans again.

  4. pretty awesome, Jenni. I don’t know how you read all those entries…. too many. too gorgeous. too… heart-stopping.
    thank you for doing what you do.

  5. When I was a VOTY judge last year, I got the Op Ed category. Arguably a good fit for me (I have no shortage of opinions or editorial commentary). But it meant that I got to read all the posts that reminded me about the hate and detachment in our world. Ah well, it was an amazing process to be a part of for sure, and some had me yelling “hell yeah” from the comfort of my office chair.

  6. I can imagine it’s an overwhelming but enriching task to read the dozens and dozens of posts that must be on your list. I was profoundly touched by the VOTY winners last year, and I look forward to hearing the stories again this year.

  7. Love this and that you are part of it. And of good things. There are so many good things.

  8. Alison says:

    To be part of all that heart? That’s amazing. And you are perfect, because you are all heart.

  9. Kiran says:

    So glad you are one of the judges – I know you will put everything you have into finding some of the most worthy pieces. Still, it’s no easy task. Not in the least. You’re right – people do care. I’m glad you’re one of them. XO

  10. Marta says:

    Ah! I forgot to submit this year =(

    Also, the heart submissions are always my favorite. I love reading the winners every year even though I’ve never been to BlogHer!

  11. Oh how I love that you’ve written this. I often wonder what it would be like to read so many posts if I was a panel member. I think it takes a very special person to view it love it in the way it deserves to be loved- as you clearly do. Thank you for framing personal blogging in such a beautiful and powerful way.

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