Father’s Day and All the Days

*This gets repurposed and posted every year with a different picture, because sometimes he needs the reminder…
and sometimes I do.

That Time All the Time:

For those times you held me as I brought them into the world…

Those times you Eskimo kissed…

and those times you bounced and walked for hours.


For that time you sat clothed in the bathtub with one wailing…

That time you showed him baby hummingbirds…

and that time you taught him to “jump shoot”.


For the times they are on your shoulders…

The times you have one in each arm…

and the times you catch puke in your hands.


For all the times that you worry,

and all the times that you pretend not to.


For that time you taught one to fly a kite…

That time you bought him his first baseball bat…

and that time you held the other screaming in the ER.


For the times that responsibility weighs heavy,

and you still play zombie freeze tag.


For the times where there is frozen yogurt…

The times you read stories,

and the times you make up your own.

The times you’re up with little coughs

The times there is “some assembly required”

The times there are living room forts

The times you work way too hard

The times you play like a kid

The times you have to tell them they’re wrong

The times you apologize when you are

The times you let them push you away

The times you open your arms when they need them


For that time, those times, and all the time…

Thank you.

It is not the grand gestures, but the million small moments that make a father great.


Happy Fathers Day, Hot Nerd.


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  1. Awww … i do love this xxx

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