Five Vloggers Walk Into a Hotel Room


This post is purely for your entertainment.

Five vloggers walk into a hotel room…

with a video camera and no plan.



On my BlogHer’14 conference trip to San Jose not too long ago, I got hang out/meet in real life/collab with some of my favorite vloggers. We agreed to meet in a hotel room for a couple hours. It was awesome.

I tried to fry Jenny on the Spot’s brain with a surprise game of word association:


Then I tested Mama Kat’s improvisation skills with a quick “not my hands” session:


Jenny tried to kill me with word association, and even though it was my idea, it was clear I didn’t know how to play my own made up game:


Then Mama Kat had a confession to make:


Then Lucrecer Braxton had to get in on associating words with MamaKat…


and then Jessi Sanfilippo looked through old profile pics with her, because why not:


It was a giggle fest for sure. We all had other things later that evening that we absolutely did not make it to. We forgot to eat dinner, and one of us kind of peed their pants.

We may have also had a pillow fight, but that video is for our own private enjoyment.
Carry on.

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4 responses to “Five Vloggers Walk Into a Hotel Room”

  1. Lucrecer says:

    Oh, this goes down as one of my favorite times ever at a conference.

  2. Love these videos. I also have a club thumb too. Glad to see I’m not alone in the weirdness.

  3. Alison says:

    Love you guys!

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