Flashback Friday- Immediate poetry.

Today’s Flashback Friday post is from the category Immediate Poetry.

Enjoy today’s poem from the archives:


Toddler In Tow.

Waiting room

waiting room

Toddler in tow.

No nap has me praying.

Goldfish are my savior.

“Momma up!”



Wishing for peace.

stroller shakes, stroller shakes

Clock ticks

Goldfish gone

Into the room

the size of a dime.

Spilled milk

Strawberry milk

shirt off

pants off

“Momma milk!”

“Momma milk!”

Gown on

feet in stirrups

… silence…



2 responses to “Flashback Friday- Immediate poetry.”

  1. Goldfish are a true gift! lol

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