Frankenpussy (8 lines)

* 8 lines because of this post >> 8 mm



Frankenpussy, Frankenpussy –
So misunderstood.
You’ve been stretched.
You’ve been ripped apart,
Cut and stitched together.

You’re marred with badges of honor,
And stronger than any monster I know.

PS- You need a haircut.

24 responses to “Frankenpussy (8 lines)”

  1. Hahahahaha!!! Love it!

    I know what you mean about haircuts. After I had the baby, it was a hairy disaster down there.

  2. Rusti says:

    um, this is AWESOME. 🙂 (and a little frightening?) kidding! LOL.

  3. I promised a marriage proposal and so I shall deliver. Marry me! At least come live in sin with me

  4. MommaKiss says:

    Ok, but, who’s going to perform said haircut? Good luck with that.

  5. I hear you about the haircut. I’m so lazy. Plus when you’re pregnant you forget about your vagina because you can’t see it. But now you can!

  6. ChiMomWriter says:

    You. Are. Awesome.

  7. Oh. Ma. Gawd. So funny. Love it!

  8. Just declare your new preference for the “disco muff” and move on. That’s what I did, so liberating!

  9. Crystal says:

    OMGOsh you are such a hoot! I’ll admit, I’ve been AWOL since hubby’s deployment started ( I truly apologize for that, btw!) but I’ve just been catching up…and you make me smile and laugh (which makes me pee a little because I’m 32 weeks preggo with surprise baby #5!!) What a dedicated blogger to blog basically before, during, after the vagina reconstruction. Seriously, labor is horrendous on our poor delicate area!! How did we get so lucky as to be assigned this task in life??!!

  10. Now I want to hold my private area close and reassure it that everything’s going to be okay.

  11. You are seriously cracking me up. Keep going.

  12. ravyn says:

    so completely awesome.

  13. January says:

    HAHAHA! Oh God. Thanks for the laugh.

  14. I love you. I don’t know what else to say. You are amazing. And I am right there with you.


  15. Jenni,

    I am sending the #vaginawhisperer post haste to give you and @erinmargolin some much needed landscaping and TLC to your beloved, miracle bringing forth FRankenpussies. I love you so much for this post. I didn’t even think it was possible but apparently it is:)LOL XO

  16. Oh, my poor baby.

    How I wish I could just bring over hot mexican cocoa and home made beignets.


  17. […] oh well.  They are the alternative who are telling it like it is.  Tub shits, frankenvulvas or frankenpussies and admitting that they love their husbands more than their kids are just a few examples of these […]

  18. I’m debating about whether or not to share your blog with my first-time-pregnant sister. On one hand, it’s brilliant, but on the other hands, it’s scary as hell!

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