Goodbye 2013 – Ten Favorite Posts of the Year


It’s time to say goodbye to 2013… and although this year and I have had some good times, I’m completely fine about cutting ties and not even bothering to pretend to be friends anymore.  This year has been hard – which Im hoping means I’ve learned a lot and become stronger for it… only time will tell.

Here’s your standard round-up of my ten popular/favorite posts for the year:

The one where I talk about the facebook phenomenon, the half a percent of myself that I choose to share, and why I’m not going to stop. — Facebook Is Not Real

The one where I discover a potential fetish of my husband’s… and realize I might be a little creepy. — The Not-Quite-Fetish I found While Dusting

The one that has me whispering to the boy that still fits in my arms.  I wrote it because there is room in my heart… but not in my life. — Where The Booties Go

I wrote this because my  favorite place to shop online is also ridiculous. — An Ode To Victoria’s Secret

This one was very important to me.  The one about Rape Culture, and a New Generation of Boys Rising.

The one where I let Hot Nerd write a post… and he rocked it. — Black Coffee.  Black Kids.  Gray Matter.

The one I’m thinking about putting on my “about” page, because seriously, I’m no journalist. — I’m Not a Newspaper

This one was written after seeing many self-depricating tweets from bloggers about Voices of the Year Nominations.  As writers we throw our words up into the air, and pray they land on someone they will resonate with. — BlogHer Voices of the Year and Being Your Own Publicist

This one was the day I ate my words about changing facebook avatars for a cause. — Love Is the Least Worthy of Shame

And finally this recent one that has brought such love and support my way from all of you.  The one that sadly has struck a chord of understanding with so many of you. — The Happiest Depressed Person on the Block

Thank you for reading this year.

Thank you for holding my humanity with yours.

Goodbye to another year.

I’m already dancing in the arms of 2014.



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  1. Alison says:

    Happy New Year, Jenni!

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