Helpless and Trapped.


I hear the vibrations of my phone across the room.

I stare at it…


unable to move.

Someone is calling me.  Someone is checking to see if I’m alright.

I am not.

I’m a prisoner.

I am a looseleaf pinned under a paperweight.

My lips are cracked from thirst, though the intense need to urinate tells me I’m not dehydrated.  I breathe a shallow breath and laser focus on my phone, dancing from the vibrations on the counter top.  I furrow my brow…

I glare across the room, not blinking…

I am unsuccessful in my telekinesis.

My phone is not any closer to me when it stops its hopeful buzzing.

My connection to the outside world is 50 long feet away…

I catch myself mid-sigh, and freeze any movement my body was thinking of making.

The weight on me is becoming heavier by the second, but I know if I move even a little I’ll be inviting disaster.

Surely someone will come looking for me…

But my inner voice knows better, “No one ever comes, Jenni.  No one ever comes…”

I will my pinky finger to wiggle slightly, but it has lost all blood flow and does not respond.

I am done.

My to-do list is a memory.

My bladder is losing it’s hold.

My arms will turn blue and fall off.

I will never eat that bag of nuts two feet away.

I am helpless…

and trapped






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  1. I know the feeling!!
    Alison recently posted..Sounds

  2. I have been there. You are not alone. :)
    Katie recently posted..a diverged path

  3. Oh I’ve been there and if you move they wake and remind you of your error for the rest of the day.
    Jessica recently posted..There

    • I’ve never been here before. My kids have been good crib/bed sleepers, but with his injury he hasn’t slept in days. I’m hungry…

  4. This is the nurse in me talking but sometimes life would be so much easier if we could just all have a catheter to drain our bladders.
    Jen recently posted..We are not in Toddler Clothes any More

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