I Thought All Men Already Knew This


All men need to know this.

Especially you, Trader Joe’s cashier.

Just one more thing I have to remember to teach my boys:




9 responses to “I Thought All Men Already Knew This”

  1. Jennifer says:

    You’re right, it’s NEVER okay! I was once asked by another woman in a job orientation how far along I was. Her full question was “So how far along are you? Six months?” Not only was that terribly embarrassing for me, it was also terribly embarrassing for her.

    People – if you don’t know, don’t ask. Period.

  2. Love it! Not that that happened, but how you told the story. : )

  3. The first person who commented on my pregnancy with my son was a Trader Joe’s cashier. I lived around the corner from a Trader Joe’s during my pregnancy, and I could always, ALWAYS count on the Trader Joe’s cashiers to comment on it! I wonder if it’s something in how Trader Joe’s cashiers are trained (or NOT trained) to be casual, hip, etc. with their customers. I didn’t show much during my pregnancy and even until my due date, the vast majority of people that I encountered (95%, at least) would look at my quizzically, waiting for me to say something, to make sure that I was actually pregnant. Not at Trader’s Joe’s! I love the place, and it didn’t really bother me, because I actually was pregnant, but someone needs to give these crunchy, intrusive salespeople a few tips about dealing with women. Maybe send along this video to Trader Joe’s?

  4. Alison says:

    I would have socked him.

  5. ardenraine says:

    When I was pregnant I saw other pregnant women everywhere. I notice humans like 1% of the time. But when preggo I was all There’s one, there’s one, Yo power to the baby makers!!!

    Then I assumed, ass-u-me, that a woman who was front carrying her body’s fat reserves forward and high was also pregnant.

    Oi. Ummmm. Yep 5 years later when I see her I still want to apologize.

    Myself, being a woman who has at least 50lbs on her I really do still feel like a shit.

  6. No No No
    it is never okay.
    … & there is absolutely no reason your should have
    tried to make Mr. Dumb Ass feel better.
    No no no

  7. That shit IS just wrong!!!

  8. Stacy Jill says:

    Wow. I have had that happened unfortunately too many times to count. It’s a great feeling when someone says to your boss – “Oh wow, you didn’t TELL me she was preggers!” (yes, really happened.)

  9. nanaof2 says:

    This was really FUNNY@@@@@

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