I’m Speaking At Conferences, But Didn’t Tell You Because of the Thunder Stealing


I forgot to officially tell you in this space that I will be speaking at Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta this coming May.  I’m thrilled.  Last year was my first time at the conference and it was amazing.



The topic I’ll be there to discuss this year is The Page vs. the Screen.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be talking about the growing demand for video content, bloggers becoming vloggers, existing in both spaces, and deciding if it’s even worth your time.  Mom 2.0 is by far one of my favorite and most fulfilling social media conferences.

I was also going to tell you (many many weeks ago) that I am scheduled to speak at BlogHer’14 this July…

I didn’t tell you because on the very day I had planned to, BlogHer announced that actor and activist Kerry Washington would be keynoting.


source - David Shankbone

source – David Shankbone



I decided to wait a couple weeks until the tizzy died down before letting you all in on the good news.

Well, when I was gearing up again to let everyone know they could come hear me speak about stuff at BlogHer’14…

Ariana Huffington was announced as another BlogHer keynote.


source - David Shankbone

source – David Shankbone


So, I’m just not going to tell you.

Maybe you’re a blogger, and you’ll purchase a ticket to the conference…

and maybe you’ll walk into a panel and I’ll be up there talking about things. Maybe.

Maybe you’ll think to yourself, “Wait a minute, last year Jenni spoke in the writing track and I’m pretty sure I’m in the video track right now. This must be a dream. I’m confused…”  But you soon won’t care about your confusion because my words will mesmerize you, and your trip to San Jose will be at once worth it.


but if it does happen, it won’t be because I told you about it.


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Freaking Kerry Washington… always stealing my thunder.


5 responses to “I’m Speaking At Conferences, But Didn’t Tell You Because of the Thunder Stealing”

  1. I met you awkwardly and briefly at BlogHer ’12. I’m excited to hear you speak this year and to learn from your video mojo. Maybe I won’t be awkward! You rock, Jenni. Bravo.

  2. So exciting!!! I wish I was going to either of those conferences to hear you speak. Can’t wait to read and watch what you have to say about how it all goes. You are a superstar!

  3. Alison says:

    Yay, go you!

  4. Brittany says:

    You will rock them both I am sure! I will be attending basically nothing and will have to follow along because I think I will be renovating forever and when I have to decide between a really nice new stove or tile that sort of glitters…these days I am so leaning towards the glittering tile. I want to freaking love this house when it is done. And I hope someone does those live recaps but I will still miss all the hellos and hugs and the best parts of conferences.


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