Is it because you hate Dr. Seuss?

Remember way back in the dark ages of my blog, when to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Green Eggs and Ham, I wrote this post: Green Eggs and Ham, Brushing my teeth, and “boogies.”?

Well, in this post I decided I was going to write a post Dr. Seuss style, using only fifty words- just like he did with Green Eggs and Ham.

It was YOUR JOB, people, to give me the word suggestions. I did not get fifty words from you, so this is your not so gentle reminder of how you’ve failed me.

I’m throwing the gauntlet down again.

My list is incomplete. Here is what I have so far:

the  aardvark  guitar  floating  shovel  and  us  fairy  sings  jump  purple pancake  grateful a  I  do

So here are the rules: I’ll write a story using only fifty words of 5TH GRADE LEVEL AND BELOW. Leave a comment below with your word suggestion.

No words like “pulchritudinous”, yeah you know who you are.

Let’s get on this…

I’m starting to think you guys hate Dr. Seuss.


PS- I wrote today over at The Truth About Motherhood. Deb is celebrating her 2nd blogiversary so go visit her.

My post is called: It hurts like a mother. Go read it now.


13 responses to “Is it because you hate Dr. Seuss?”

  1. Dre says:

    Platypus. Artichoke. Playdoh. Glorious.

  2. CJ Lowder says:

    my 3 year old son picked out the words…dinosaurs, no, train, candy, and crunch…have fun with those lol we can’t wait to read your story!!!

  3. Hahaha.. that’s fun.
    wandering wildebeests waddle into the wavy water – I’m in a “W” mood.

  4. I GAVE YOU A WORD….PULCHRITUDINOUS, you simply refused to use it:)LOL I will give you a new one…..cacophony,ephemeral,ignominious…..let me know if you know any others:) I can get you 50 in no time!!!Love ya!

  5. I was a pretty well-read 5th-grader, but I’ll stick with “tasty,” “quietly” and “noise.”

  6. faucet, telephone, yesterday, cuckoo clock, bow tie, bird’s nest. I just wanted to throw out some fun-sounding words that interest me. Yay for Dr. Seuss!

  7. January says:

    apple, bubbles, curtains, duck, echo, fluffy….hmmm I could go on and on. Looking forward to this one!

  8. Grams says:

    Sounds like a fun post. I’ll suggest: bounce, dance, swing, tingle

  9. mama_pez says:

    I can’t believe acoustics is a 5th grade word! Wow. So: acoustics, and 42. 🙂

  10. Alexandria says:

    this is a total bad ass idea. like fo realz.

    here’s my word: handkerchief

    and ps. im stealing the idea at some point. but i’ll full credit you of course. REALLY fun idea.

  11. Leighann says:

    Unicorn, house, rat, drive, loud, flower, rain, silver, friend, cow, grass, tiny, train, wall

  12. Epidural. Hungry. Lunch. John Mayer.

    Can you tell I’m pregnant? And also, I like John Mayer.

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