Jenni Jekyll and Jenni Hyde


Jenni Jekyll or Jenni Hyde.

Some days I don’t know which one I’m going to get.



Oh look, they left one spot empty so it would be easier for me to grab.


Oh look, the cheap bastards just decide to keep one piece for themselves.




Yay! I'll get to entertain my preschooler. We can finger paint, and go to the park, and eat cookies.


Crap. I'll have to entertain my preschooler. I need a cookie.




I'm so popular!



I don't have time for you people.




My husband got me such an expensive and thoughtful gift. He knows I want to feed our baby organic, home made baby food.


He knows I hate to cook. Did he seriously just buy me something that will make me spend MORE time in the kitchen?








At least they agree on some things.


5 responses to “Jenni Jekyll and Jenni Hyde”

  1. You’re so funny either way. And pretty. Zit or no zit.

  2. Venus says:

    BUAHAHAHA. Yes. Zits are definitely the great equalizer for my many personalities as well.


    Shut up, who asked you anyway?

  3. Love the end! Also, you have so many drafts in your mailbox…is that just shit you really wanted to say to people, but didn’t hit send? That’s what I always do!

  4. c.c. says:

    hahah! i love you!

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