Just cancel everything for Wednesday and be with me on Social Media.


Tomorrow is Wednesday and you should just hang with me on different social media sites to talk about very important things.

First, let’s talk about laughter.  Join me live at 11:00am PST/2pm EST on MommyToMommyTV.  MommyToMommyTV is live every Wednesday, and I’ve been asked to co-host this episode called “Funny Women and OTT Video Get the Views”.  Just go here to Kimberley Blaine’s page on Google+ on Wednesday, Septemeber 12th, 11am PST.



Then, later in the evening, let’s talk about our right to know what’s in our food…

Let’s talk about it on Twitter!

I’m sure you are thinking to yourself, “This can’t be a Twitter party.  Jenni doesn’t do Twitter parties”.

It’s true, I’ve considered Twitter parties to be mostly stream pollution.  The truth is that I have followers that are parents, some that are single and childless, some that are actors/performers, and some that are just plain awesome regular folk.  Doing a particular party always felt like I would be littering someone’s Twitter stream with a billion tweets that were of no interest to them.

So why now?

Everyone deserves to know when they are eating genetically modified foods.  Studies are now coming out that suggest GMOs can cause allergies and toxicity of the liver and kidneys.  Children are naturally more sensitive to GMOs and the rise in asthma, allergies, ADHD, and autism is alarming.  Also, herbicide tolerant GMOs have toxins in them that are associated with causing birth defects, cancer, and hormone disruption.

It took close to one million signatures to get The CA Right to Know Labeling GMOs initiative on the California ballot, and we need to push to get it passed.  I am on the “mom panel” for this Twitter party because I believe we all have the right to information we need to make healthy choices for ourselves and our families.  The truth is that GMOs are banned in some countries, and we’re just asking them to be labelled.

I hope you will join me (@MommyNaniBooboo),@bookieboo, and @CARighttoknow on Twitter tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 7pm PST/10pm PST regardless of what state you live in.  Historically, California is a trend setter and if Prop 37 passes, you will likely get labeling in your  grocery store in 2014.  Help us raise awareness online!

You can RSVP here if you’d like to win some prizes…

Or you can just join in by following the hashtag #YesOn37.


I’ll pollute your Twitter stream any day to keep you from polluting your body.



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  1. Venus says:

    And? I missed it. I hope you were both stunningly influential and deliriously funny. Wait, no, I hope it was horrible, ’cause then I didn’t actually miss out. 😉 (and it’s all about me)

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