Losing the race. (8 lines)


* 8 lines for a month because of this post >> 8 mm


I lack the stamina.

I have ill fitting shoes.

I did not carbo-load.

I hobble along…

A wailing child clinging to me…

I pause to clean poop, and wipe baby vomit out of my eyes.

Sleep, Patience, and Sanity –

You guys are too fast for me.





10 responses to “Losing the race. (8 lines)”

  1. When will life return to normal?

    Is there a normal?

  2. MommaKiss says:

    Oh love. Have the past few weeks been a total blur? How’s big brother doing? Hot nerd?

    Remember. Soon they will both be in college.
    Did that help? 😉

  3. Hang in there, girl! That 8mm must be shrinking, right? I am in awe of you. New baby, 8mm issue, and still blogging. I worship at your feet. But I draw the line at poopy diapers and baby vomit.

  4. Hang in there. The fog will clear soon – I hope. We’re all rooting for you (and that your 8mm closes quickly).

  5. Jenenfer says:

    Just kisses.
    And Hugs.
    And a whole butt load of sympathy.

  6. I’m not gonna say “Don’t worry,” because that’s bull shit. I will say that it does get easier. Because I’m alive and so are the kids. You’re gonna sleep soon, I promise.

  7. January says:

    Oh Jenni….how I do feel for you. I just celebrated my youngest’s 2nd b-day today and took the time in my mind to reminisce the good, bad and ugly. And unfortunately, the beginning can be pretty bad…and ugly. But you will come through the to the bright side soon enough. And it’s pretty beautiful and bright. About half the time. 😉 Hang in there love.

  8. The good thing is you’ll catch up…eventually…okay, maybe never, but it’s something to reach for, right?

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