Moment In The Sun


My 4 days away at a Women In Video workshop and the Mom 2.0 Summit had left me inspired and focused.  Lisa Ling, Amanda Peet, Shot@Life, Dove, the team at HLN – Raising America, and all my fellow bloggers made for a weekend I’ll never forget.  Connecting, growing our ideas, and really seeing and hearing a multitude of professional women had my body and brain buzzing.

My return had me immediately feeling heavy and hectic.

In my absence my children had gotten sick, my husband had been run ragged, and my workload had multiplied tenfold with new opportunities, brand deadlines, a birthday to plan, and a new part-time job in full swing.

On this particular morning, after returning from preschool drop off, my head spun quicker than usual on my jaunt from the car to our condo.  In the middle of mentally prioritizing my day, a gust of wind gave me pause.  The toddler in my arms gasped, “ooohheee” as the speedy wind passed over us in a second and left stillness in it’s wake.

I tightened my arms around him as his eyes got big.

He felt lighter and small after his bout with illness.

I hugged him close and did my favorite inhale of his hair.  The smell sucked me back down to the concrete, and out of the spinning I was caught in.

The sun was out.  It was warm.  Where did it come from?  Was it out earlier when we left for school?

I lifted my face up to it’s warmth, and for some reason…

we danced.

I cradled my boy and swayed in the sun…

in the courtyard…

between the car and our door…

to the made up tune in my head.

My moment in the sun…

It wasn’t about being seen or heard, or changing the world…

It was about being still and quiet…

alone, holding my baby…

snug in the arms that he is quickly on his way to outgrowing.


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4 responses to “Moment In The Sun”

  1. michelle says:

    This is sweetness. I love it so much.

  2. Marta says:

    sigh. so sweet.

  3. ardenraine says:

    It’s been one of those sweet surprises, kind of days.

    Dance momma!

    That gust of wind is visiting a lot of us today!

    Love you bunches.

  4. Aren’t those moments just perfect? Spring — and the return of sunshine and enjoying the outdoors — is just full of those moments!

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