My binky. (8 lines)

* 8 lines for a month because of this post >> 8 mm



Everything is topsy turvy.

Exhaustion… sobbing.

Anxiety… hopelessness.

Fists clenched… veins popping.

I reach for it.

Soft… comforting…

I squeeze it in my hands on the exhale.

My husband’s ass is my binky.


15 responses to “My binky. (8 lines)”

  1. Hahahahahaha!!!

    Isn’t your husband’s ass the reason you got into this whole mommy thing again? 😉

  2. Milaka says:

    Oh, you made me laugh! I’m glad that you can (kind of) see the humor in your life right now.

  3. Cj Lowder says:

    hahahaha you are too funny!

  4. Yuliya says:

    Nice. I wonder what my binky is?

  5. Venus says:

    It’s unfortunate that LOL is so egregiously misused these days. That means that I never use it unless I actually laugh out loud.


    Um, I’m just glad you’re holding your binkie in your hand… 😉

  6. Oh, you are so easy to love.

    This makes me wish I could be there…You know I”d help you, girl.

    Love always.

    So happy I know you.

  7. John says:


  8. Bwa ha ha! Love it. Your husband must be a happy man.

  9. ChiMomWriter says:

    You’re outrageous. I love it.

    I hope you are settling in well and that the moments of anxiety and frustration are fleeting.

  10. This is great…I’m glad you have man ass to heal you in this time of need.

  11. Jenni Loo WHo,
    I feel bad. Poor Hot Nerd is probably a hot mess from all that ass squeezing. You know you are just teasing him. Wish I lived closer, I’d come help you out.No sobbing and hopelessness. It will get easier. That I promise. Soon the 2 that feel like 10 will again feel like 2, it happens in a couple years when you get into a Mommy groove…right about the time most poor suckers go for #3. Not me, I’m sticking:)LOL Honestly, I really do wish I was near enough to help. I’d come over and wipe asses, clean dishes, do laundry and make you some food , of course, I may have to bring my brood with me but the girls are getting pretty good at manual labor so it could work out. *HUGS mama* Big crazy heart hugs!

  12. Galit Breen says:


    So, so very much her!

    Oh, why not? One more time: Hee!


  13. You never fail to crack me up. I wish I had your sass.

  14. Old School New School Mom says:

    That’s one hot binky!

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