Our Hearts Are Big Enough

I don’t have many words about the recent terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris. Instead I share with you the words/perspectives of others.

I will not shame you for how and who you mourn… the fact that you grieve is the truth of your humanity. The heart sometimes mourns one person, one country, more than another… each heart is tied to the life and experience of the one that carries it…

But I would like to remind you (and myself) to listen. To challenge the heart and the mind to allow for grief that is not like our own…

and to remind ourselves that our hearts are big enough to mourn ALL loss of life.

Our hearts know how we are all connected better than our minds do.

Turning on other souls is a win for those who stand on the side of terror…

and I want us to remind ourselves that when we desperately want to make the world better, but feel helpless, that the easiest place to start is with the person next to or in front of us.

Below are some links to articles, re-tellings, and feelings that have struck me online in the wake of these tragedies.

My words feel meager right now, so here are theirs…

and because I believe in the balance of good and evil, this week I will make an effort to dance with my children in the kitchen, I will strive to be a light in someone’s dark place, and I will whisper words of peace and remembrance into the night so that the wind may take them to those that need it.

Love to you all.

Hearts big enough



From the web:

If you can sit with the uncomfortableness of it, and challenge your mind not to interject with arguments, then read this: From Beirut, This is Paris: In a World That Doesn’t care About Arab Lives. http://stateofmind13.com/2015/11/14/from-beirut-this-is-paris-in-a-world-that-doesnt-care-about-arab-lives/

A man and a piano… playing John Lennon’s Imagine on the streets of Paris:


Muslims Around the World Defend Themselves Against Islamophobia and Offer Solidarity: http://mic.com/articles/128549/muslimsarenotterrorist-after-paris-attacks-muslims-fight-islamophobia-and-offer-solidarity

 “To ‘stay woke’ in the aftermath of the Paris attacks is an act of conscious resistance against an ugly tide.” ‘Ne Vous Laissez Pas Manipuler’ AKA #StayWoke:  http://www.thenation.com/article/ne-vous-laissez-pas-manipuler-aka-staywoke/


From someone who was a block away from the Bataclan in Paris: Paris is About Life.  https://medium.com/@joscelincooper/paris-is-about-life-d6dd28ad9c12


An opinion piece from The New York Times: The Exploitation of Paris. http://nyti.ms/1PHvHIC.


Finally, this facebook post from survivor of the Bataclan attack, Isobel Bowdery.





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  1. Kristin Shaw says:

    So many good words and posts here. Thank you. <3

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