Pictures You Need Not See.

It just so happens to be Wednesday, so I guess this is also a Wordless Wednesday post… except for, you know, the words.

In reality, it’s an I Am Too Tired To Put Together A Post That Makes Sense post.

This week, Hot Nerd had surgery to fix his torn ACL, and I have been running around playing nurse maid and shuttle driver- and no, not in the sexy, role playing, wearing a nurse costume kinda way. It’s been in the haven’t showered, had a good night’s sleep, or remembered to brush my teeth kinda way.  So get your mind out of the gutter, and put it where it belongs- in the mail to me, since I have lost mine completely.

This week, I believe the universe is teasing me.

Here are some pictures you need not see:

Hot Nerd's bed-ridden self, and weird leg elevator.

This is what's laying on the sidewalk right in front my house. See the string?

My filthy dishes that keep multiplying on their own.

My sons' uninvited roommate.

The only clean thing in my kitchen- the bottle my husband pees in.

Shrooms growing in my yard.

Under the bandages.

Is it weird that the last picture kinda turns me on? It makes him seem all extra tough.

I think.

Or maybe I’m really messed up.

I dunno.

Everything around me seems so surreal at the moment.

Maybe it’s the lack of sleep.

Or the stress level being at such a constant high.

Or the shrooms I picked from my yard and put into spaghetti sauce.

Come on, I’m kidding…

Ya’ll know I don’t cook.

15 responses to “Pictures You Need Not See.”

  1. truthaboutmotherhood says:

    Aww, sweetie. I'd send you my mind to borrow but its so riddled with Mommy brain these days that I am starting to forget words..usually right in the middle of a sentence to someone important! Yikes. I guess I'd better invest in some ginko or ginseng and a big book of Soduku. I'll send you a care package. Maybe I'll throw a little person in there too..just to help out around the house. You know kill the spiders, wash the dishes, pick up random tampons strewn about the place, maybe even make those mushrooms into something useful for Mommy..sorta like a Leprechaun maid! Maybe I could even devise a plan where the little sucker will dance a jig when you need a little cheering up! It'll get better. I promise. Pretty soon you'll get accustomed to the chaos and before you know it, hot nerd will be back on his feet. Then you can guilt him into being your sex and cleaning slave! Big Hugs, my friend! Happy WEdnesday!
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  2. Minky {moo} says:

    Oh man. If I was closer I would come help you out. Except I don’t to dishes, and I’m afraid of spiders. Also? I’m really squeamish. So…really I’d be of very little help. But I would bring you alcohol. And that’s friendship.

    It can only get better from here!

  3. Jennefer says:

    I am an expert on the gross and gorry stuff … I would pitch in there in a heart beat. Could keep baby boy and doggies occupied for a fair amount of time and am hell of wheels when it comes to cleaning … your on your own for the biological hazards in your yard and the creepy crawlies. Will this give you enough time to find at least part of your mind? Or to down a few beverages? If so … I will hop in the car now. Sending love and energy your way.

  4. AmandaBroadfoot says:

    Hang in there — it sounds like a REALLY tough week!

    That being said, several of your photos made me laugh out loud 🙂 I hope your dude gets back on his feet soon and you get some rest.

    And FYI, I posted my own “I’m too tired to put together a post that makes sense” post at, and I didn’t put nearly the effort into that you did!

    Thinking of you guys …

  5. expressmom says:

    Dear Jenni,

    I have good news. I have bad news.

    Good news first:
    I am offering to send my personal maid, Inga to your house, post haste. She works miracles on everything from windows to carpets. She doesn’t speak much English, but at least you don’t have to worry about small talk. Of course, you won’t be billed. I’ll take care of that for you.

    Bad news:
    Inga is my imaginary maid. And she rarely shows up even at my house.

    Good luck!

  6. OS/NS Mom says:

    Feel better Hot Nerd. He is super tough. Healing from an ACL injury is no joke. My kitchen sink looks like that on a regular basis, if that makes you feel any better. In fact I just rectified that situation this morning begrudingly.

    Was that a tampon? If so, that’s amazing.

    Peeing into a water bottle is hard work, you have to have good aim. I know, I’ve done it while driving.

    I hope Hot Nerd feels much better and your nurse duties are not too stressful XO
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  7. i’ve had two acl surgeries.

    thanks so much for reminding me of how gross my knees once were. really. that’s awesome.

    right now i’m cringing and suffering from a serious case of the heebie jeebies. just so you know.
    My recent post random quarter

  8. blech….freakin out over the spider picture….you need to warn a sister, girl! Blech. Dangit…forgot what I was gonna say…guess I could always go with the “hope things get better quickly” jive that most people who dont know you would say but that seems to be cheating out. Umm….oh I could lend you my house elf. But he disappears from time to time…mostly when you ask him to do stuff. Hmmm….guess that doesnt help. Oh I should tell you though that I am coming from the SITS group…so hi. Gotta say I thought I lived in the ghetto…but random tampons in front of your house? Dang…where do you live? LOL
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  9. Oh dear.. I love me my Nalgene bottles when I work out.. now I don’t know.
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  10. Jennifer says:

    Nope didn’t need to see # 2. Thanks. Gotta go swallow some bile back down…

  11. Jenny says:

    Love the pictures……..(my hubby messed up his knee a couple of weeks ago (torn PCL – he'll need surgery too, so thanks for letting me know what I have to look forward to) ………and thanks a lot…………… cause I can't get the image of you parading around in your little sexy maid outfit out of my mind now! You're too funny!

  12. mommakiss02 says:

    I've been there….I've SO been there. To the point that I'd probably be desperate enough to drink water out of that pee bottle after a simple rinse. Sending you get well wishes for the Hot Nerd and a sister-wife wish for you.
    My recent post Shining Stones

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