Probiotics and fiber – because my in-laws are coming.

Hot Father and Hot Mother in-law are coming into town for Bam Bam’s fourth birthday this weekend.  They are the awesomest in-laws a lady could ask for, but do you remember that other time they were in town when my insides rebelled?  Despite the fact that Hot Nerd did the most romantic thing on the planet on that occasion, I think I’m still scarred.

My stomach has some kind of weird muscle memory when they are around, and goes all topsy turvy.  Or maybe it’s a desperate attempt to pull another romantic gesture out of my husband.

Either way, I’ve been upping my dose of probiotics and fiber, people.  I’m getting my digestive tract in tip top shape for this visit.  So far, all it’s done is create a gas ball the size of a house in my gut.  I’m sure the stress of planning this birthday party isn’t helping, but I haven’t lost hope.

Truth be told, I’ve had too much yeast in my gut for a while now, so the in-laws are not completely guilty of causing irregular bodily functions.

I’m sure the birthday party will be fantastic – kids love birthdays, and are probably much easier to please than we think.  I just hope I don’t let the gas ball out at the party amidst thirty to forty people.

If I do, I’m totally blaming it on the baby.



7 responses to “Probiotics and fiber – because my in-laws are coming.”

  1. I remember that post!! Good luck, may you not have a huge shit when the in laws are in town. Happy 4th Birthday Bam Bam!

  2. At least you got the kid to blame. Thats what we have the kids for right? Hoping your bowels behave

  3. Good luck, Jenni! Hope the party goes well and that your stomach makes it through without any drama! 🙂

  4. Chimomwriter says:

    Oh girl, my sister has dealt with the whole yeast issue. That’s a beast. Hoping the only eventful moments are full of smiles, cake and presents!

  5. John says:

    I <3 your husband.

  6. Definitely blame it on the baby. For real!

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