We’re Romance-Lite.

We’re romantic, I swear…

In our own, low-key way.

There are many degrees of romance and before we got married, we spent a lot of time on grand gestures, dancing on the sidewalks at 3 am, and making out in public places.

Eight years of marriage, two kids, and a mortgage later, on the spectrum of romance… well, we’ve become romance-lite.

We don’t have the resources, time, or energy to celebrate the way the commercials tell us we’re supposed to. Babysitters are expensive and downtime is scarce. It may not always be this way, but it is now…

And I am pleasantly satisfied with it.

Happy Valentine’s Day to those who are staying in. May you have the best “Netflix and chill” kind of evening….

And to you, my dear husband…

I can’t wait to “celebrate” with you:


hearts gassy

hearts nap

hearts remote

hearts shaved

hearts phone

hearts laundry





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