Take it, snot rag.


I’m going to start mainlining some immune system boosters because I don’t have time to be as sick as I am.  Hot Nerd is out of town on business for the next three days, my preschooler is making summer vacation his bitch, and our baby boy is recovering from the grossest, stinkiest, stomach bug ever.

I am a freaking super  hero right now.

I’m also so sick I want to cry for my mommy.

Here’s some spontaneous poetry that came out of my head once:

Brain compressed.

Mouth dry from hanging wide.

Stabbing behind the left eye.

Take it, snot rag…

take it.

When you multiply-

one on my nightstand,

two on my coffee table,

five on my counter,

I’ll try not to yell.

Just take it, snot rag…

take it.

If you find ways into my pocket,

and into my wash,

and leave pieces of you,

on everything I own,

I swear to look the other way.

Just take it, snot rag…

take it.

Take all that I have,

at 50 miles an hour.

It’s love/hate…





2 responses to “Take it, snot rag.”

  1. Alison says:

    Sorry you’re sick. That sucks. Get well soon!

  2. Alexandra says:

    You’re a mom.

    You can’t be sick.


    And feel better soon, xo

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