Thank You For Being There, Keyword Data




Goodbye keyword data



Things are amiss in the land of the Internet.

Apparently, Google will be keeping keyword search data from showing up in my blog’s analytics – okay, and in yours too.  Yes folks, we’re talking secure encryption.

Marketers all over the internet are freaking out.


I too am out with the freak…

because what on Earth am I going to do now for ridiculously insane blog post prompts?

Where will I turn when the writing well has run dry?

This blog post was inspired by a search gone awry that led someone to my blog:  Summer Lovin’ – Because I Didn’t Wan’t Google To Disappoint.

This one too – which is one of my most popular:  The Altered Friendship. Also Weirdos Are My Muse.

Here are some other searches that brought people here:

im not insane padded room

my vagina after birth

booty sniffer

funny baby carrots

lesbian sex is more relaxed

nubbin images

shih-tzu cake

sex babushka panties

the hobbit toes

Seriously, nothing sparks creativity like what brings a creepy internet searcher to my website.

There can only be one of three explanations:

1.  Google is attempting to somewhat block the National Security Agency’s spying activity.


2.  It is a backlash to Search Engine Optimization making the leap from being a skill to some sort of actual profession.


3.  Google is trying to suck away my writing mojo.

I’m going with the latter.


jenni chiu sig

PS – I did not include the truly horrid and disturbing keyword searches that litter my analytics.  So perhaps a fourth possible explanation is that Google is trying desperately to keep our faith in humanity in tact.

Nah – they’re totally after my mojo.



3 responses to “Thank You For Being There, Keyword Data”

  1. This is probably the one blog tool I’ve never really used, so fortunately, I won’t miss it – BUT I’m just learning how amazingly important it is. Sigh.

  2. Alison says:

    Google is definitely trying to mess with your mojo. Damn.
    (hobbit toes?)

  3. Sherri says:

    Wait, WHAT? I had no idea that was happening…and ending some of the best laughs I have had since I started blogging. Bummer.

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