The “Ebb and Flow of Blogging” Even Though I’m Possessed and Need Coffee.


I just stared at the laptop screen in front of me until my eyes lost focus and I saw a 3D image pop out.

My fingers are not responding to the keyboard lately, and it’s possible I may never write again.

It is also possible I am being hyperbolic…

or possessed…

by an exaggerating, blurry-eyed, anti-typist.

I have heard of the “ebb and flow” of blogging long term.  It’s natural.  After a couple years, the white hot flow between blogger and keyboard dies down a little.  I’m not handling this “ebbing” gracefully.  I curse the time consuming things in my life that take away from blogging, and when I finally sit in front of the screen – I don’t blog.  Then I tell myself that blogging kinda sucks and I should give it up anyway because my family needs more of my time.  Then I pinch my lips between my left forefinger and thumb and tell myself to “shut up” and “never speak of blogging like that again”!  Then I look pointedly into my own eyes and tell myself, “I do not like it when you pinch my lips shut.  Stay out of my personal space.”

It could also be that I’m just kinda sleepy.

I did, however, tell you that I would never quit blogging.  That is why I am sitting here telling you about absolutely nothing…

except the possession part – that’s kinda exciting.  I hope this blurry-eyed anti-typist is also a millionaire, long distance runner, and circus clown because being home all day with my four year old and infant with out a break ever ever ever is




My kids are pretty awesome.  It’s the not having a break ever ever ever that makes me want to – *do fings i cahfnt tell you fright nowm mecause my fingerwhs are pinching muh lwips shut again.*


PS- I also made a video.



11 responses to “The “Ebb and Flow of Blogging” Even Though I’m Possessed and Need Coffee.”

  1. I just ate lunch in the bathroom today…….

  2. Michelle says:

    I have done this.
    It has always been worth it.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Yes, oh yes.

    Some days you just don’t see it coming, it’s like it catches up with you.

  4. Jen says:

    I drink my coffee cold. I brew it hot, add ice cubes and then SLAM it down like a frat boy doing shots.

    Also, TOTALLY get what you are saying this whole blogging thing… I feel it in myself too.

  5. Marta says:

    Sometimes at work I go to the waaaaaay far away bathroom on a completely different floor because its usually deserted. And I just sit there. Looking at phone usually. But I’m alone. It’s quite nice.

    I don’t even shut the bathroom door at my house. There’s no point really, someone’s just going to come and open it.

  6. Galit Breen says:

    Oh ebb and flow and the never ever breaks and the bathroom. of course, the bathroom.

    (I get this.)

  7. Sandra says:

    Things are ebbing for me right now for sure. I was riding the wave of “new blog” and “Alt Summit” and “Alt classes” and “meeting bloggers f2f”. Now? Regular life. The girl (six) is home this week before camp starts so it’s a few playdates but mostly hanging out with me. She’s super active girl and a big extrovert so there ain’t a lot of time for blogging or anything else.

    And I’m not feeling as inspired. But to be honest, it’s kinda nice to be out of the blogging fray for a little bit…sacriliege, I know…

  8. If only bathrooms were soundproof! THEN I’d be in there every day! 😉

  9. Alexandria says:

    Everyone must be feeling the summer blogging blues because today alone I have read 4 post about it. I’m feeling it myself too. And within the last 3 weeks I have really considered just stopping, more seriously than normal. I feel after 3 (or is it 4?) years of blogging I’ve said everything I could possibly say.

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