The Sort of Grown Up Gift Guide of Cool Stuff

The Holidays are upon us, and it’s a little bit scary how much of THE LOVE I FEEL this time of year. I feel like a kid again in December… which is weird since my birthday is in December and should remind me that my childhood is but a speck of dust in my rearview mirror…

Nonetheless, I hope you love it too! I wish for all my grown up friends to love the magic of this month like a kid… and here is a gift guide without a single kids toy in it (sort of).

This is for those of you who are lucky enough to enjoy giving and getting this season:

sort of grown up gift guide


Categories: For Real, For Fun, and For Star Wars


For Real


Have you ever worn a wooden watch? I have… it’s both classy and grounding. This would be a great unique gift for the eco-minded guy or gal. Visit JORD wooden watches for a selection of watches crafted from a variety of sustainable woods. My husband wears this one from their Delmar series in dark sandalwood:


$149 at JORD

JORD is awesome enough to offer $25 gift cards to my readers. NOT KIDDING! Go to this link: to get your 25 bucks!


Lumee front back

For the selfie-taker in your life, this Lumee phone case has front LED lights for a guaranteed warm glow in poor lighting conditions.

$54.95 at Enter code: CYBER40 for 40% off.



Jayne Eyre scarf

Talk about getting wrapped up in a good book. A literary infinity scarf will keep any bookworm warm this season. Pick from Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, or Alice in Wonderland.

$48 at Uncommon Goods.


merlot infused coffee

Coffee lover? Wine lover? This may be the next peanut butter and jelly – it’s Merlot infused coffee.

$19.95 at Uncommon Goods.


brush and stand


There’s nothing better than a nice clean shave. Get old-timey with a porcelain lathering bowl, luxurious cream, and a handmade brush.

Find an assortment at Bare Knuckle Barbery.


round photo frame


Get sentimental while still looking cool with a round picture frame like this one.

$44.99 at ModCloth.


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.08.59 AM

Or this one made from a vintage LP record.

$22.00 at Uncommon Goods.


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.25.50 AM


Mahabis are the latest in loungewear. These warm house slippers come with a variety of detachable soles. That’s right – just slip on a bottom sole and run to school drop off. Then slip off the soles when you get home without your feet ever having to leave their warm cocoon.

$89 plus 2 free soles at


statement necklace


My new favorite statement necklace is this “statement” necklace.

$65.00 at Fair Goods.


owl eyeglasses holder


Blind people rejoice! Here’s a nifty owl to hold the specs of those who may otherwise spend a blind hour looking for them.

$24.00 at Uncommon Goods.


face mug

Milk and cookies? Tea and biscuits? No problem with this Face Mug that holds both.

$18.00 also at Uncommon Goods.


laser keyboard

What is this? It’s a Laser Projection Keyboard! This pocket-sized device connects via bluetooth and projects a keyboard onto any flat surface. Perfect for anytime you need an instant workspace.

$150 at what is clearly one of my favorite places to shop – Uncommon Goods.




Finally, in the “for real” category is the gift of a “for real” experience. Anything from cooking and golf lessons, to flying a plane… Cloud 9 Living is the place to find the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t want more stuff, but would love a little more living.

Enter code XMASBOO15 for $15 off at Cloud 9 Living.


For Fun


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.19.22 PM

It’s a kitty cat flask… because why not. So kawaii.

$29.99 at ModCloth.


unable to can shirt

From the Awesomely Luuvie collection, it’s the “unable to can” shirt.

$26.00 at Tees in the Trap.


ramen maker

This Mega House personal ramen-maker is the Easy Bake Oven of noodles. It looks like a toy, but functions as a true noodle maker. It even has options for gyoza and wontons!

$50.00 at Amazon.


granny panties


Granny panties, anyone? This gift can either be hilarious or terrifying. Yes, it’s Dorothy from the Golden Girls… and Rose and Blanche are available too.

$40.00 at BulletsAndBees on Etsy.


door mural


Add a touch of mysterious whimsy to any door you chose with this canvas-like adhesive door mural.

$300 at


copypastry cookie cutter


A selfie cookie cutter is the perfect gift for the narcissist in your life. Just upload a photo of them, and order… unless you’re the narcissist… then upload a photo of yourself and give it to everyone you know.

$49.01 at CopyPastry on Etsy.


ryan gosling colouring book


Adult coloring books have gained popularity this year. Whoever gets this Ryan Gosling colouring-book can color Ryan standing… Ryan driving… Ryan eating…

$15.00 at Amazon. Enter code: HOLIDAY30 for 30% off.


For Star Wars



BB-8 sphero

One of the hottest toys this season for both kids and adults is this Sphero BB-8 app- enabled droid. Guide it with your smartphone or tablet, record holographic videos, and watch it’s adaptive personality evolve as you interact.

$149 at Amazon.


star wars dome satchel


Star Wars Storm Trooper Dome Satchel.

$36.99 at Zulily until December 3rd. Also available at The Movie and TV Store.


Rebel Alliance dangle earrings

Rebel Alliance Stainless Steel Dangle Drop Earrings.

$22.00 at Amazon.


Han Solo mini fridge

Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Fridge.

$149.99 at ThinkGeek.


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.34.57 PM


Wheelin’ Like a Villain Ladies Tee.

$29.99 at ModCloth.


dark side warrior mugs

Dark Side Warrior Ceramic Mugs

$16.99 at VAT19.


Millennium Falcon Serving Platter

For those that serve truly epic snacks, this Millennium Falcon Serving Platter will do quite nicely.

$19.99 at ThinkGeek.


Death Star waffle maker

Death Star Waffle Maker.

$89.99 on Amazon.


Light Saber BBQ tongs

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs (of course with sounds).

$59.99 at Amazon.


Star Wars Chess Game


Star Wars Chess Game.

$31.99 at Amazon.



Storm Trooper Stud Earrings.

$19.95 at Rebel Circus.


death star ice mold


Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

$11.99 at ThinkGeek.


Empire Struts Back Bootie


The Empire Struts Back Bootie.

$422.99 at ModCloth.

A girl can dream.


Happy Holidays everybody!

Go forth and purchase cool things for the cool people you love.


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  1. I don’t know what it says that I want ALL OF THESE THINGS!

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