Things my online personality is not sharing with you.


When it comes to my humanity, I am frighteningly honest with you guys.  The keyboard somehow gives me the strength to share controversial personal choices or tell you of ghosts that haunt me.  I’ve let you in on childhood moments that forever leave their mark. I’m also guilty of the overshare and dialogued sex with my husband.  I’m always ready to give you my opinion on current events, and I’ve even told you stories my brain makes up on the spot, without my permission.

It may seem hard to believe, but I’m actually a somewhat private person in real life.  There are some things that I probably won’t write about, post about on Facebook, or tweet out into the world – either because I don’t want you have that information, or because it’s a boring life detail that I don’t see why you would want to know anyway.

Here are some things my online personality is not sharing with you.

  • My address.
  • My legal last name.
  • My husband or children’s real names.
  • Where my kids go to school.
  • What my big fights with Hot Nerd are about.
  • What my lunch looks like.
  • What my kids’ faces look like close up.
  • Where all my tattoos are.
  • A picture of my outfit today.
  • Real time results of a television talent competition. (That’s just rude.)
  • How long it’s been since I’ve really showered. (OK, maybe that’s a lie.)
  • What my bowel movements are like. (Well, there was that one time…)
  • I’ll just quit while I’m ahead.


In truth, if my dog takes a weird poop, I’ll probably post an artsy picture of it on Instagram.  You wont, however, find a super clear picture of my oldest son’s beautiful face.

The feelings and opinions I share are always incredibly honest.

The personal facts?  Not so much.

Everyone has their online sharing threshold.  I’m an extremely private person who overshares on a regular basis.

In fact, how do you know this is even what I look like?





It’s quite possible that it’s more like this:




You didn’t think I’d give you a clear shot of my face did you?

I don’t want you guys stalking me on the street.








13 responses to “Things my online personality is not sharing with you.”

  1. I for serious do not want the surprise of my life that when I go into give you a heart hug after all these years of being online besties only to find out that you my friend are the older, fatter brother of Nacho Libre. Girl, I’ll still love you…because I love you for what’s on the inside but I cannot promise that I will be seen with you in public if you weigh 600 pounds and wear a full on wrestling mask and cape:)LOL A girl’s gotta have standards. Don’t worry, I’ll still love ya on the down low.

  2. Because I’ve seen you in person. 🙂 Though that doesn’t necessarily mean I could stalk you on the street…

    I share some of those things. Apparently I have even less of a filter than you do!

  3. You don’t look like that picture.

    I’ve seen you in real life.

    You leave me even more breathless.


  4. Bunny says:

    Well, in this case… I’m happy that I have gotten to meet you on the real side…
    You kinda rock, chica. It’s true.

    Come visit Seattle! 😀 And it’s good to have an idea of where you draw the line.

  5. Katie says:

    I have no filter.

    I think I share ALL of these things.

    Well, not my address. Not in public. only if asked and then only after I have confirmed the person requesting it is not going to kill my family.

  6. Marta says:

    I have often wondered about what that line is in privacy online. I don’t share my last name. Or my husband’s name. Or my son’s name, but I do share my daughter’s name on my blog. (I know that doesn’t really make sense). And if you follow me on twitter well I use everyone’s real names (but not our last name). And well you don’t know my exact address but you know what city I live in. So I suppose if someone was dedicated I haven’t been really that private now have I?

    That said if you wanted to exert the effort I wouldn’t mind a visit from you. =)

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