Very honored. Very pregnant. Very terrified.

I have not been shy about sharing my anxiety and social awkwardness with all of you.  I was not always this way, but things have happened in my life that have dramatically changed the way I approach the world. My anxiety has been my shadow for the last eight years now.

I am only anxious with strangers… and crowds… and when I am alone.

But since I’ve deemed this the Year of the Scary for me, I decided to challenge myself by attending my first ever blogging conference.  In two weeks I am going to BlogHer ’11 in San Diego.

For the sixty percent of my readers who are not bloggers- this conference is HUGE.  This conference is one of the biggest, most respected in the country.

It will be crowded.

I will be there alone.

I won’t know a single soul.

I will be forced to “network”.

But wait…

Wait for it…

I was also chosen to present some of my work at the keynote.

I was chosen as one of the Voices Of The Year in the humor category.

I found out last night.

I am very honored.

I am also very pregnant.

There was crying. There was laughing. There was jumping. There was the passing of gas.

And now there is the hand wringing.

I will be standing up in front of thousands and saying “Here is something I did.  Please love me.”

Did I mention I will be seven months pregnant? There will be no calming of the nerves with alcohol… or Xanax.  Just me, sober, with sausage legs, a basketball belly, and a baby bouncing on my bladder.

It could be a recipe for disaster.

Or the opportunity to don my superhero cape and have one of the best moments of my life.

I’ll let you know.


PS- A very big thank you to the BlogHer Voices Of The Year Committee, for honoring me, and terrifying the shit out of me. I can’t wait.

28 responses to “Very honored. Very pregnant. Very terrified.”

  1. John T says:

    I really appreciate your approach to the crowds and to the world. It is so courageous being like this.
    I wish you remain the same and stand apart of the crowd.

  2. Congrats. Well deserved and terrifying.

  3. Congratulations Jenni!!!! You’ll be fabulous! Wish I could be there to cheer you on 🙂

  4. How can you go wrong … I mean, you can always just pass gas. That never fails.

    I love you, girl.

  5. Noelle says:

    You’re gonna rock it!

  6. 🙂 you’re going to be fantastic. this is so well deserved. totally wish i could be there to hide with you and gossip.

  7. Becky says:

    Oh honey your gonna rock it with your pretty pregnant self, and it’s totally well deserved

  8. Jen says:


    I will be at BlogHer.

    See you there.

  9. Dre says:

    Just rock out with your c@ck out!… or something like that… but different.

  10. The Sweetest says:

    You totally deserve it. maybe the pregmones will calm you. If not, just remind yourself- everyone loves a pregnant blogger. And I will be there, too- hiding in the corner. Come and find me.

  11. la alicia says:

    Girl, rock it out!!

    You may be surprised how many people feel like they know you and vice versa. You can really get to know someone through their blog! 🙂

    Also, I bet those pregnancy hormones will just have you glowing!

  12. Oh.

    You know what??

    We’re exactly alike.

    Me, too.


    Let’s just stick together, really close, and always be together, and that way we’ll be like this solid wall that holds each other up.

    I hope you like this idea.


  13. OH MY GOSH!!

    I forgot to say Congrats.

    How embarrassing.

    Congratulations, this is pretty wonderful, isn’t it?

  14. Crystal says:

    Congrats! I have a social anxiety disorder, so I completely understand! I would be totally terrified too! But, WOW, what an honor for you!

    I intend to go to a conference one day myself, but the thought petrifies me nearly as much as it excites me!
    I’m sure you’ll be all kinds of awesome, though and you’ll be si proud of yourself for doing it!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS! What an incredible honor!
    I am very pregnant, too. Due 10/29. SO I feel you there. I wish I was going to BlogHer, but I decided it wouldn’t be as much fun since I’m preggo. Hee hee!
    I know anxiety is rough (I suffer from that and depression myself), but I have faith you will be alright. You and Empress will end up sticking together and I bet you’ll have a blast! 😉

    • Jenni Chiu says:

      Congrats on the upcoming babe. Hope you are feeling well. My sausage legs will think of yours while I am shaking in my boots at BlogHer. 🙂 Unless… yours aren’t sausage-like yet… in which case, I’m just jealous.

  16. Congratulations pregneato! You deserve it! This is taking me three years to type on my phone.

  17. Congrats! That is all kinds of awesome! The fact that you are not backing out of going is a huge step in overcoming anxiety. You will do just fine.

  18. That is awesome…well, not the swollen part and the inability to imbibe, but seriously…congrats! I’d go with you if they’d let me, but I doubt they would! LOL

  19. I kept meaning to come over and congratulate you – sorry I’m a few days late!! SO proud and thrilled for you. Truly. And *I* will be there so you will know me! I’ll just look for the funny preggo girl. 😉

    Congrats again!!! xo

  20. FireMom says:

    Looking forward to hearing you present! We’ll love you. Promise.

  21. Alexandria says:

    congratulations 🙂

  22. Congratulations Jenni! Always think that this blog conference will be one of the most exciting and the best moments of your life! Just be safe on your travel and take a lot of pictures. We will be waiting for your return post! Good luck!

  23. Ghena says:

    Congratulation Jenni!
    Have a safe trip ahead.


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