We can be on a break, but we are NOT breaking up.

I’m starting to learn a lot about you.

A lot of you are parents… but not all.

Most of you are college educated.

Very few of you are actually people I know in real life.

Out of every 100 of you that read, an average of 5 leave a comment.

And over 60% of you are NOT bloggers.

That means that the majority of my readers have no idea what the BlogHer ’11 conference is.

Well… in little less than 24 hours, I will be driving to San Diego to attend one of the biggest blogging conferences in the country.  I will be there for three days, and for about three more, this website will likely be taken over by posts about the conference, and pictures from said conference.

If you have absolutely no interest in blogging, the blogging world, or odd social media conferences, then I understand if you need to take a break.

But we are NOT breaking up.

We’ve got too good a thing going.

Did I also mention that I am being honored as one of the Voices Of The Year, and have to get up in front of thousands of people for the Community Keynote?

With something that important happening, it is quite possible I may fart loudly, pee my pants, fall in a toilet, insult an A-lister, or start a large fire.

I could also rock everyone’s faces off, and be crowned queen of everything sweet and salty.

Either way… it could be a good time here over the next week.

So, if you want to pretend to “take a break”, and come visit in the middle of the night anyway – I won’t tell.

But I still expect flowers when the “break” is over.




9 responses to “We can be on a break, but we are NOT breaking up.”

  1. Crazyladyx5 says:

    I can’t wait to hear all about it!! One day I too will get to attend. I’ll leave the speaking to thousands to you though.

  2. dude, you are going to rock that motherfucker. i’m so proud of you and wish i was there to hold your hand. xoxoxox!

  3. Hail to the Queen of Everything Sweet and Salty!

  4. I know you will rock it with your keynote piece. I only wish I could hear you in person.

    You will be missed. I might sneak by in the middle of the night. To leave flowers.

  5. MommaKiss says:

    If there is a fire, I better get some fucking pictures. I stalked your ass on that instagram thingy.


  6. Personally, I think the only solution is to PLAN to fart loudly, pee your pants, fall in a toilet, insult an A-lister, AND start a large fire. The rocking comes too naturally to you. Have a great time, lady!

  7. Good luck! I vote you as Queen of Everything!!

  8. Congratulations! Not surprised in the least, it’s about time they start recognizing you for the awesomeness that you are. Just don’t let fame go to your head, or I I’ll stop bringing you flowers so often…notice I did not say I would stop stalking you, I would never make such a promise…You rock GF!

  9. Charlotte says:

    I can’t wait to hear!!! I’m so upset I wasn’t able to go–but I look forward to reading all the recaps. And congrats on your recognition; that’s awesome (and very well deserved)! 🙂

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