What happens in Vegas… needs to happen more often. (part one)

Last weekend was the first time I had ever left Bam Bam over night.

I left him with Hot Nerd for three nights and four days.


It was  for a desperately needed trip to Vegas with a gal pal.

I was pretty anxious about going, about leaving him, about not knowing how to unwind and have fun…






And fast.

First of all, we stayed at the Wynn Las Vegas. It’s swank, it’s beautiful, and it’s clean- for those who like their debauchery to be classy (which we do).

After checking in to our high-rise room with a view, someone brought to our room some chilled white wine, some fruit, and cheese.  Along with this was a note from my oh so lovely Hot Nerd:

“To my two ladies-  Have fun, get drunk, dance, and don’t get arrested.”

That pretty much sealed the deal. It was almost like I needed permission to have fun.

Permission granted. He knew I needed this.

So I threw the mom and wife guilt out the 50 story window, and decided to  re-lax and have fun.

This is an attitude, I have decided, that I need to adopt much more often.

And you know what?

It so wasn’t hard.

I just needed the opportunity to let loose.

The thing about the Wynn- and for the most part, Vegas in general- is that everyone wants you to have the bets best time. It’s the land of hospitality. And us, being the undercover princesses that we are, thoroughly soaked it up.

We didn’t have any show tickets for that evening, so we had some dinner, and hit three nightclubs in a row.

Turns out, if you’re two lovely ladies alone in Vegas, you can get in pretty much anywhere for free, without waiting in the line, and with complimentary drinks. That is something that needs to happen here in Los Angeles much more often.

And get this-

Dudes hit on me.

Let me say that again-

Dudes hit on me.

I fucking loved it.

I wore my wedding ring the whole time, but walked around like I was single. You know what I mean- when you dress to attract glances, and your chin is held just a little higher, and you stick your chest out just a little bit more (don’t lie, ladies).

Let’s face it, I’ve been cooped up way to long being a stay at home mom.

Sure, Hot Nerd and I go out every once in a blue moon, but it’s usually to a dark movie theater, where I could get away with wearing my jammies if I wanted to.

This was different.

In Vegas, you dress to be looked at.

Oh yeah, and did I mention-

Dudes hit on me.

I felt pretty- and that is something that needs to happen way more often.

I stuck my booty out…

and then I shook it!

  • TRYST– One of the best clubs in Vegas- empty before 11pm, packed by midnight. Great dance music.  This where we met three guys from San Diego that we ended up trying to dodge the rest of our stay. This is also  where a 70 year old man started to bump and grind with me. I danced almost one full song with him, until I caught the familiar smell of a diaper. We then parted ways.
  • BLUSH– A calmer, more intimate night club. Free champagne for us for coming in. A very wealthy, very small, very bald man tried to connect with me by talking about his kids. It worked for about two minutes. We did meet a nice bouncer who invited us over to another club that evening on his guest list.
  • SURRENDER– This is a happening poolside nightspot slash upscale nightclub. Here you can wear your dress and heels, or your skimpiest bikini.   We wore leggings.  Two ladies invited us to dance with them and have a drink.  They soon pointed to a middle eastern man at their table and told us his specific goal for the evening was to sleep with four girls at the same time, and that they were “only two”.  They insisted we  sit and drink with them, but we declined.  This place is gorgeous, and we would’ve stayed longer, if our run in with the middle eastern man hadn’t made us feel so dirty.

I know I already mentioned that dudes hit on me- but I suppose these two women were also hitting on us. That made me feel extra pretty. And I am absolutely okay if that happens way more often.

We then decided to gamble, in our tipsy state.

And we won.

We met super fun gay guys and played black jack.

We strolled to our beds at around 3:30 am, knowing we could sleep in as long we wanted- that is also something that needs to happen more often.

I lay my head on the on the pillow that night, thinking about my husband and son for only a second- then trying to solve how we would get into the hottest night spot in town the following evening- XS nightclub. We were told by several people that there is no by- passing the  line at this place.

Little did they know…

that we just don’t do lines.

(to be continued…)

4 responses to “What happens in Vegas… needs to happen more often. (part one)”

  1. Michelle says:

    I am so incredibly jealous that you shook your booty!
    Mine is getting too heavy to shake.
    It's so important for mommies to remember how to have fun- without the kids. 🙂

  2. Martini Mama says:

    Love the post! The stay at home mom thing is way over rated and sometimes Vegas is needed! Hubby and I are going out there for a week next year, seriously can not come fast enough. The boy is staying at grandma's and we are not looking back! I plan to not be sober that whole week!
    My recent post Facebook posts that make me puke a little in my mouth!

    • Oh you will have SO MUCH FUN.
      I've been pretty much a shut in for the past few years- I was like a turtle slowly sticking it's head out… then, of course, I just stuck everything else out too!!

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