What happens in Vegas… needs to happen more often (part two).

After a successful first day in Las Vegas (Vegas part one), I was starting to feel a little like my pre-baby, pre-housewife self.


Day two in Vegas opened up with room service- which is by far the best thing ever to a stay at home mom. No me scrambling to get breakfast made, while a toddler yanks on my shirt, and two dogs lick my toes in search of fallen scraps, before I’ve even brushed my teeth or taken my morning constitution.


Just a phone call, then lounging in bed until some nice man brings breakfast, juice and coffee to us on a little table with wheels.  Then we put the table between the two beds, so we could eat without technically getting out of the bed.


I needed to rest up if I was gonna find a way to get us into the hottest club in the land- XS. Perhaps I should rephrase that, because I’m sure we could have gotten in, if we were okay with waiting in a way too long line and possibly paying a cover.  Neither of us was okay with that. I had to squeeze as much fun as I could into a mere three nights. My time was too precious for lines.

Lucky for me, I had a connection… with a connection… who had another connection.

Charlie Meisch , who is my friend only through Twitter, was kind enough to mention to me that he had some friends in Las Vegas who may be able to help facilitate my good time. One of those friends was Chris Burns who is helping to open up the swank hotel called The Cosmopolitan in December.

I emailed Chris. He emailed back. He called. I texted. He put me in touch with Tyra Bell- Holland, Chef Concierge at The Cosmopolitan.

This is where I snapped into publicist mode, and no I’m not a publicist, but my friend had just fired hers, so I thought I’d step up to the plate.  The lovely gal pal I was with is actually sorta kinda famous. She’s not A list famous, but definitely has a large (ahem- male) following. She’s modeled in Playboy, Maxim etc., and done countless movies (not those kinds of movies, you pervs- actual movie movies). Anyway, for the purpose of this post I will call her Di Di… because… well, that’s what we actually call her… and I’m in no mood to be cryptic.

I informed Tyra who my friend was, and that she is actually used to being paid to go to clubs to promote whatever movie/project she happens to be working on. I told her of our desire to go to XS, that neither she nor I were here on business (purely pleasure), and that we would gratefully appreciate some sort of VIP treatment.

Tyra emailed me. I emailed back. She texted. I texted. She then put me in touch with one David Pappas, who was lovely enough to offer us a table and drinks at Surrender nightclub. I would’ve accepted, if we hadn’t already been there the night before. I mean, come on, this was already our second night in Vegas- we were veterans.

But David was a rock star, and forwarded our request to Jessie, one of the owners of XS. I texted. Jessie texted.

Mission accomplished: A prime reserved table, complimentary bottle of champagne, and two rounds of drinks awaited us after we saw our show- Cirque du Soleil’s  LOVE at the Mirage.

Now, if you’re a regular reader here, then you know that life has dealt me some “non favorable” cards here and there. I have become quite the anti social, and only let loose when the crushing stress of my life and home force me too- for survival.

But I gotta tell ya, walking past that severe line in front of the club, having the red rope pulled back for us, and being escorted to a prime table, with a chilled bottle of champagne… well, it felt…

fucking fantastic.

It also felt right.

It felt good to be important. That needs to happen more often.

Needless to say, we had an amazing time. It truly is a beautiful club, with great music. I made sure that Di Di tweeted our arrival, and some love to the club- that’s what a good publicist is for.

It was way too crowded to dance on the dance floor, so we stood up, and danced right there in front of our table- for everyone to see. People stared. Dudes asked if they could take our picture. We said no. We danced some more.

We got very drunk.

Ladies and gentlemen- MommyNaniBooboo got her groove back!

And night number three would turn out to be even better.

(to be continued…)

7 responses to “What happens in Vegas… needs to happen more often (part two).”

  1. Sande says:

    It says at the bottom, “Tell me that you love me” so I guess I have to do what I’m told and tell you that I love you – except not in that weird, creepy way – only in an obsessive blog-stalker kind of way. I love your writing, I love your new look and I now have to go tell everyone about you because you are fantastic to read!

  2. Mommy Lisa says:

    When you come out – you really come out! Hot picture and proud of you for getting your groove back girl!
    My recent post Our Family by Shell Sheree

  3. buddman22 says:

    Gotta say, I followed Di Di, first, but her tweets sent me towards your site and writing. As a very involved and hands-on father of a toddler and newborn, I can sympathize/relate/chuckle/nod knowingly with all the parenting stuffs you have here. And I think it's fan-freaking-tastic that you deservedly got the rockstar treatment (as well as your groove back). Looking forward to reading more . .

  4. I should probably say “good for you!” or “way to have fun!” or all of the expected things. Only, I can’t because all I’m thinking is “Dang. I never have connections who have connections…”

    I suck.
    My recent post Canned Meat Offers Hours of Entertainment

    • Chris Burns says:

      So glad I/we could help. As the grateful husband to a wonderful wife who carries a huge load while I’m away at work, I know how important a get away is.

      Oh, and Jackie, consider yourself connected…


      Twitter: cburns_ord2las

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