With the not noticing.

Hot Nerd:  (stroking my hair in bed) Oh, look at that! You got something sparkly in your ear.

Me:  (touching the stud earrings I was wearing) Um… yeah.  (listening to the monitor from our older son’s room) I bought these with that gift card my mom got me for my birthday.

Hot Nerd:  It’s nice. It makes your ears all pretty.

Me:  (glancing at the other baby monitor on my side of the bed) I know.  Sometimes it’s nice to feel pretty.

Hot Nerd:  Well you should wear them more often!

Me:  (looking at the clock) I do.

Hot Nerd:  Huh?

Me:  (calculating the time before the baby’s next feeding) I have been.

Hot Nerd:  Have been what?

Me:  (looking dead at him) Wearing them.

Hot Nerd: *blink*

Me: I put them on in the car after I bought them…

Hot Nerd:  *blink*

Me:  For my birthday…

Hot Nerd:  *blink blink*

Me:  Three months ago…

Hot Nerd:  *blink blink blink*

Me:  I haven’t taken them off.  Ever.

Hot Nerd:  Well, yeah!

Me:  (side eyeing him) Mm hm.

Hot Nerd:  Pshh… (shrug)… yeah… of course… good… (smile)… I know…

Me:  I mean, I really haven’t taken them off at-

Hot Nerd:  Shhhh.  Shushie.  Enough with the talking.  It’s make out time.

Me: Seriously… have you not noticed these at-

Hot Nerd:  (cupping my face) Nuh uh uh uh… we said it would be make out time, not fighting time.  This is the time… the only time we have…



making out.

I thought about being mad at him.  I thought about complaining for the bazillionth time about him not paying attention… not caring… not noticing what I say or do.

Hot Nerd: (wiggling a finger at my ears) There small.  They’re little… tiny… sparkly things.

And I realized we hadn’t been that close… physically… in front of each other… looking at each other in the face, in a really long time.  I couldn’t remember the last time we had looked, and taken each other in.

He had tried, I think.  But for the bazillionth time, I didn’t pay attention… didn’t care… didn’t notice.

Hot Nerd:  Stop.  It’s make out time.


And it was.

So we did.




6 responses to “With the not noticing.”

  1. Sharni says:

    I totally get where you guys are at…… glad you got to make out..

    I had to share this —– it made me think of it — please watch haha – (sorry to change the mood)


  2. Marta says:

    Ah make out time! Nice.

    I had an unofficial date night at a wedding with my husband on Saturday and I made some comment about something and then followed it up with “I can’t remember when I last looked at you.” Because its true, when do we have time to really look? We glance, we dart, we talk at, but when do we have time to really look?

  3. Megan says:

    I just love his post. This is us right now too. Love the earrings 😉

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