“I’m So Into White Culture”

I had to share this here.

I couldn’t help it.  The lovely Laura Willard shared it on Upworthy, and I laughed out loud with the true-ness of it.  Granted, I did not grow up experiencing a lot of this. I grew up in Hawaii where every other person is some sort of Asian mix.  It wasn’t until I went to college on the “mainland” that I felt like I was visiting some alternate reality… where I was all of a sudden an exotic alien… and apparently wasn’t supposed to drive well.

I am still confused about how at a conference last year, someone mistook Grace Hwang-Lynch for me.


Grace or Jenni.jpg


If she were yelling into a video camera at the time, perhaps I could see how the mistake may have been made…

and we have the same hair length…

Okay, maybe this is a terrible example – I don’t actually know because guess what?  All Asians look different to me.

Anyway, enjoy:


5 responses to ““I’m So Into White Culture””

  1. Fadra says:

    I don’t see what’s so funny about this. I love Oriental people!! And rice is awesome.

  2. Jendi says:

    That video reminds me of this one that Wong Fu did: http://youtu.be/qN1QTugrQQQ

    I’ll be very careful to not say those things. 🙂

  3. CanCan says:

    I lived in Asia for 10 years. Someone really did the “I LOVE CHEESE!” thing to me once. So that made me LOL.
    At the time I was also dairy allergic.

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  5. Nice! Nothing better than humor to raise awareness and call people out.

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