Sometimes There’s Pudding


I trotted in a speedy haze through the grocery store aisle.  I was there to pick up Vicodin, some milk, and a few things for dinner.  It was already way past my son’s bedtime, and he had since turned into a monkey on acid strapped to a cart who squealed every time one of the raisins he was eating hit me in the head.

I imagined at that moment that if aliens really did exist and were monitoring us, my life was probably very much like an episode of I Love Lucy – so disastrously hysterical.


I am at Mamalode today.

To get to the pudding, read the full post here.

You probably won’t be sorry.


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PS – In case you missed it, yesterday was Social Media Monday on my YouTube channel. Come visit and see Why I Don’t Follow You On Twitter.





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  1. This is wonderful and you won’t be disappointed. It’s exhausting to be human sometimes.

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