This Daylight Saving Movie Trailer is My Life

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      "Daylight Saving is an imaginary construct!!" This viral video is definitely worth a share. All my life I have … [Continue reading...]

Dear Jenni is Back!

Dear Jenni #5

    My weekly series is finally back up on the YouTube channel. Yes, it's the return of Dear Jenni - where I answer/make up … [Continue reading...]

This is Your Reminder That Halloween is Right Now.

Let's be a fish.

  In case the smell of rotting pumpkin guts and toasting pumpkin seeds hasn't tipped you off yet, it's Halloween. Don't let the Christmas … [Continue reading...]

The Not So Curious Case of Renee Zellweger

Screen Shot - The Telegraph

  Famous actress Renee Zellweger attended the Elle Women in Hollywood awards on Monday, October 20th. After she attended, the Internet … [Continue reading...]

Worth a Share – I love Cheerios and the Best Music Video From a Band You’ve Never Heard Of

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    I love one of the latest videos from¬†General Mills and it's "The Cheerios Effect" series. ¬†Remember the huge uncalled for … [Continue reading...]