Worth a Share – Instagram Feeds That Are Way Cooler Than Mine

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    Today's Worth a Share is all about Instagram. Here are a few Instagram feeds you should absolutely be following. This … [Continue reading...]

Going to BlogHer’14?

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      This post is for my fellow bloggers, and specifically the ones I may be seeing in San Jose in a couple weeks. Are … [Continue reading...]

It’s Possible You’re Smarter Than a Mommalouger

  Happy Independence Day weekend everybody. The editors over at SheKnows decided to play a little game with us. This game is called Are You … [Continue reading...]

I Need Someone to Dress Me

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  I can barely work a shower into my schedule nowadays... so it's helpful to have someone to dress me. I finally gave Stitch Fix a try - … [Continue reading...]

The Feminist “Bandwagon” in Advertising

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  I've been hearing some complaints lately about a new swing in advertising - the swing toward female-focused, feminist, and female empowering … [Continue reading...]