The OneDay App Will Save Me With My Mother-In-Law

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  My mother-in-law is mad at me. I can tell. I'm sure it is because I am slacking on sending her pictures, videos, measurements, … [Continue reading...]

Once You See This It Will Completely Change the Way You See the Internet

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      People of the Internet, We are at DEFCON 1¬†with the click-bait nowadays. I got tired of being that fish quite … [Continue reading...]

I Went on a Trip and Didn’t Miss My Family

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  Last week I was at a blogging conference in San Jose for four days and I didn't miss my family. I talked to my kids over Facetime, and … [Continue reading...]

Closed for Re-assimilation


      Be back shortly.   … [Continue reading...]

Merck for Mothers and What Motherhood Means to Me

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"I split my pubic bone giving birth." I have said that sentence many times because I think in some way I still can't believe it actually happened to … [Continue reading...]